One of the most fascinating things about the handmade jewelry field is that just by getting dressed in the morning, you’re marketing yourself. It is perfectly acceptable in American culture (people are reading this from around the world) for someone to talk to a complete stranger about their jewelry. And when you’re the one who made that jewelry, it’s a tremendous opening to tell many other people about what you do.

So many jewelry makers have told me amazing stories about the relationships that have been created because someone began talking to them about their jewelry.

If you’re not currently wearing your work, considering doing it. It will help you become comfortable talking about your creations, like how you made the piece and what inspired it.

If you are wearing your own jewelry, carry plenty of business cards with you and encourage people to call you and talk more about what they’d like and what you make.

There are many, many prospects out there just waiting to meet you.

Do you wear your own jewelry? And how does it work as a marketing strategy for you?

To selling more!