The headline of this blog has been attributed to the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky. 

The difference between achieving success or not depends on your willingness to take action. 

Why don’t people take action even if it would bring them more success?

Change is difficult, even if it means a brighter future. But the DESIRE to change is an emotional issue, not an intellectual one. You may intellectually know that you should start doing home parties. Perhaps even a friend offered to host one. But some anxiety or nagging fear may be holding you back from doing it. 

As a psychologist, I understand the nature of anxiety and why people choose to do nothing rather than take an action that might bring them more success. 

I strongly encourage you to think about one thing you could do that would radically increase sales and take an action based on that idea. 

I realize that not all ideas work for everyone,  but if you don’t take at least one shot, you can’t score. 

Now go make something great!