A handcrafted jewelry maker approached me recently with serious anxiety about pricing her artisan jewelry: “I just went to a jewelry show, and I couldn’t believe how cheap the beads and stones are now! How do I justify my prices if the components cost so little?”

Did you feel a little anxious just reading that?


Artisan jewelry is handcrafted. Made with skill, individuality, creativity and flair. That’s where the value is. Not in the cost of the components.

I know people who make jewelry out of beach glass. Here’s what they pay for it:




Should they be concerned that because beach glass is free, they can’t charge as much for it? Of course not.

I love the show “Iron Chef” on the TV Food Network. Several chefs start out with the same ingredients but wind up with unique, imaginative, beautiful and creative dishes. The cost of the ingredients doesn’t matter. The quality of their ideas and their craftsmanship does.

The cost of the components is somewhat irrelevant. Concern yourself with what you control, like ideas, designs, materials and creating great things.

You are the Iron Chef of jewelry.

Go make something great.