Many of you have a newsletter or regular email that you send out to your client or prospect list. Here are some tips for writing effective marketing emails:

  1. Ask a question in the subject line. You’ll pique the curiosity of recipients. Also, when you ask someone a question, their brain engages to start finding the answer, so you immediately have them hooked!
  2. Talk in terms of the reader’s interests, not yours. It’s okay to send announcements about what you’re up to and what you’re selling, but don’t forget to write about what interests the reader. If you don’t appeal to what interests them, they may ultimately stop reading.
  3. Include photos of you, and, if possible, you with customers. Photos of you create a warm connection with prospects and current customers. Photos of you with customers, particularly when everyone is smiling, show prospects how much fun it is to buy from you!
  4. Provide a helpful tip in every e-mail. Although it’s nice when it’s a tip about jewelry care or cleaning, you can provide any kind of tip, such as organizing a kitchen, how to reduce junk mail, a great website you found for home economizing, and more.
  5. Make it personal. One of my favorite newsletters is from a real estate agent I know who often includes poems written by his daughter and favorite recipes from his mother’s cookbook. These seemingly minor details form a connection with the real estate agent. You get the sense you know him and his family personally. Even if it’s an update about your family pet, the personal is key.