The Jewelry Arts Expo takes place at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in  Wilmington, DE. For me, it reinforces why shows are so powerful in the jewelry field.

First, there is a kind of energy at jewelry shows that you don’t see at other kinds of trade shows. Jewelry makers are amazing people – enthusiastic, creative, giving, and energetic. That energy comes through as you see people hugging old friends and striking up conversations with new ones.

Second, shows are a feast for the eyes. And that “meal” feeds your creative ideas. You can’t help but think of new ideas and designs as you walk by booth after booth laden with gems, beads, and jewelry.

Third, watching the behavior of buyers and sellers at shows will teach you what works and what doesn’t. It will teach you more about how to sell successfully than any book or article. Being there and seeing real people paying cash money for something they love is where the action is.

If you have a great show experience you want to share, comment below!

To selling more!