I’ve always been fascinated by jets, from the first time I saw one flying overhead as a kid. I remember waving, thinking people could see me in my backyard looking up at them.

One of the key elements of flying a jet is creating a “flight plan.” It’s a document that explains where the plane will take off, where it will land, the path it will take to get to its destination, and alternate courses it can take.

Pilots file a flight plan before they ever take off. But once they’re in the air, they make adjustments as they’re flying to account for actual conditions in the air, like wind, clouds, and other factors.

The flight plan concept applies to marketing and selling jewelry as well. You want to start out with a plan that identifies where you want to be at the end of the year, how you’ll get there, and what you can do if different scenarios occur. As well, you want to be flexible during your yearlong “flight” through the world of jewelry selling, adapting as you go according to changing conditions.


Question: What are you doing to plan your year? What works? What doesn’t?