If you get inspired by all the techniques people are using to sell to galleries, you might consider pursuing gallery sales in addition to other sources of revenue.

If that’s not your cup of tea because you don’t want to have to split revenue with someone else, there’s still quite a bit to learn about how successful and well-run galleries manage to thrive in even a sluggish economy. If you haven’t been to a gallery or boutique in a while, visit one and see how they display jewelry, welcome customers and create a warm and inviting place for customers and prospects.

One of my favorite galleries in the Philadelphia suburbs is arranged so that wherever you look, there’s something beautiful to catch your eye. Although their prices are somewhat higher than other retailers of similar
jewelry, they have a loyal clientele because they spend so much time focused on making customers feel good.

What is one of your favorite things a gallery in your area does to inspire you?

To selling more!