A vlog is a blog with video content and a great tool to add to your marketing toobox.

Vlogging is the evolution of blogging and it’s catching on! Our audiences are evolving and embracing this newer format, and thanks to the Internet and improved speeds across the world, videos are much easier to upload as well as view.

Ready to jump into this new pool and see if it can work for you and your business and add to your marketing toolbox?

marketing toolbox - image from imedia
Here are a few quick tips to get you started.
1. Establish a comfortable persona.When talking to the camera, do your best to talk to your audience and not as if you’re talking to a camera. In your mind, see your audience’s reaction and react accordingly. Be natural, smile, make good eye contact and move around if that helps you tell your story (but don’t move around
so much it becomes distracting!). If it helps you relax and relate to a “person,” put a picture of someone right next to your camera (your children, pets, a close friend –
someone you relate to and makes you smile naturally).

2. Engage your audience right from the beginning. Welcome and thank them for joining you. Offer a brief idea of what they are going to learn, see, experience, etc.

During the vlog, refer to people who have commented on the previous vlog or on your site, talking as if you know they are in the audience “Janet – I appreciate you taking the time to post your comment last week. I totally agree with you on xxxx.”

3. When possible, have a pleasing and non-distracting background. We love to peek into each other’s studios and see how “you do what you do in your space.” But, when on camera, if you have shelving behind you and things propped up on the shelves, sometimes you can look like you have antennae coming out of your head (yes, speaking from personal experience on this one!).

Or, people will want to know what “that” is poking out of the container over your left shoulder and lose focus on what you are really there to share with them. Don’t worry about being neat and tidy but do eliminate distractions so people really tune into what you are doing and saying.

4. When closing your video, request them to:
• Sign up for your YouTube channel or subscribe to your blog where you post content.
• Share your vlog with their friends
• Like you business page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, etc.
• Visit your website for something you have for them:

  • instructions for the project you just demoed (which maybe relates to new products you just go into your store)
  • invitation and directions to your studio’s open house
  • a special coupon or code that is only good through that week
  • or whatever it is you can offer to get them to engage with your business further

If you are comfortable, ask for comments in the comment section. This can be as simple as asking what ideas they have for you to vlog about next. And this not only engages your audience it also helps you build your content calendar.

5. Before posting, add an intro screen with your name, company name, logo, etc.

At the end, add an end-screen with your logo, business info including all social-media addresses. You want to make it clear who you are as well as give them more info about you before the video ends.

One last tip is to make sure you write good copy when uploading your vlog. Use good key words in your vlog’s description so your video can be found organically as well as by the links you send out via your social-media channels.

Have a vlog you’ve done? Please share a link with us in the comments.