I received a question recently about how to handle the unpleasant situation of a disgruntled customer posting rude things on their Facebook page.

 You can’t control what others say about you on their Facebook page, unfortunately, but you can follow up to see what caused the misunderstanding and how you can fix it.

Having a clear policy – in writing – that governs how you do business can go a long way toward avoiding situations where someone feels wronged. If they are upset, it provides a way for you to resolve the problem.

The internet has become the world’s complaint department. Anyone can write anything about anyone else, and there’s no way for an internet user to sort out fact from fiction. Also, web pages, forums, tweets and Facebook status updates can potentially stay up as long as the original author wants them to, which gives long legs to critical comments.

On the bright side, the attention span of the average consumer is brief, and older posts about a bad experience are unlikely to impact someone who’s looking for current information about you.

So, when you contact her to resolve the problem, ask if she would be willing to remove her negative remarks about you. Even if she doesn’t remove them, think through what happened with her and how you might avoid it in the future. Continue to delight current and future customers with outstanding jewelry and equally terrific customer service.

Testimonials from real people on your own website and Facebook page are important, and a history of positive experiences going forward will heal any wounds created by this person.

Do you have any suggestions on how to approach an unhappy customer?


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