How to Use Facebook Live and Help Grow Your Audience

Facebook Live

In every seminar, in every article, in every circle, the advice is: Facebook Live is your go-to tool for grabbing attention fast and effectively and a great tool for helping grow your audience.

Facebook Live was in beta until not too long ago. Now that it’s accessible to all, it’s as easy as logging in to the Facebook app, pushing the “Live” icon. Your audience and followers are notified you’re live, and soon, you’ll be interacting with those who are able to tune in.

So. This may seem daunting but it is really fun, and a really great way to grab attention. And it really works. Typically, people are using this to build their audience and offer a service to their existing audience or better yet – sell their designs and services. Best advise: plan ahead then have fun!

Tips on how to use this tool:

  • Determine what you want to share.
  • Set up everything you need ahead of time.
  • Do a rough run through, if you can.
  • PROMOTE the event and time of broadcast ahead of your go-live time
  • Re-promote the event right up to your go-live time (you can schedule these posts).
  • Hit the “Live” icon on your FB page

How to Use Facebook Live and Help Grow Your Audience

  • Have a catchy or useful description worked out ahead of time so you can use this to promote the event via Facebook before you hit “Go Live.”

How to Use Facebook Live and Help Grow Your Audience

  • Make sure you have a good connection before launching and going live.
  • Once live, greet your attendees, watch attendees join and welcome them.
  • Offer to answer questions – then answer questions as they come in and as you can manage.
  • Promote your next planned session before you end your go-live show.
    • “Thanks for joining me – see you next Tuesday at noon.”
  • Ask all attendees to subscribe to Live notifications while you have their attention.
  • Close and thank them for joining you.
  • When prompted, choose to save the event after you end your “Live” session.
  • Post the broadcast to your page.
  • The video will continue to draw attention even after you’ve moved on – you will be amazed by the views you will soon be seeing!
  • Keep track of your progress and growth in a small excel chart even if just to help justify the time and effort.

Most importantly, have fun!

PS: To determine the best time to Go Live based on your audience, be sure to check out the FB Insights page of your Business Page. You’ll be able to see when your audience is on line most. You can go from there.

How to Use Facebook Live and Help Grow Your Audience. Facebook Insights