The Fall is a wonderful time of year. In most parts of the country the weather is mild, and Fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are great for sharing good times with family and friends.

Also, football season produces “football widows,” the wives and girlfriends of men who enjoy watching the games on Sunday with their buddies, and that provides another reason for parties ‐‐ just for the girls!

Those are all opportunities to have “home parties” for your jewelry. A home party is a jewelry selling event hosted in a private home where the guests have fun, enjoy food and drinks, and buy jewelry!

Modeled after the famous “Tupperware” parties, the host invites her own friends over, warming up the event, preparing people to buy, and giving you a terrific and fun environment in which to sell your jewelry.

In the past I’ve discussed various tips and techniques for making your home jewelry party a success.  For example, one of my favorites is finding a way to incorporate jewelry making as a part of the party.  In addition to selling your jewelry some jewelry makers have found great success in teaching guests how to make a simple piece of jewelry, like a pair of earrings or a bracelet.  Not everyone has to participate, but it’s a way of demonstrating your skill, giving them an experience they’ll remember and a piece of jewelry they can show and tell their friends about!  Each time they tell someone about the experience, they will be thinking (and Talking) about you!

 I’d love to hear from you about your successful parties.  What are some tips for throwing fantastic jewelry parties that you can share with your fellow designers?  

To selling more!