One of my favorite book titles is “Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need,” by Pamela Danziger.

Not surprisingly, there’s a section on jewelry.

I have my own private sources of data about jewelry-buying trends (I am the third generation in my family involved in the jewelry business), and I can assure you that the desire for jewelry seems to defy logic, explanation, and the economy.

Life necessities are food, shelter and clothing.

Love, chocolate and companionship seem right up there, too.

But it seems no matter how much jewelry people actually have, they develop amnesia for it when they see something they REALLY like.

And people REALLY like artisan handcrafted jewelry!

Statistics about jewelry sales are often difficult to get because quite a bit of it is bought privately, with cash, and/or through segments of the economy that don’t show up in statistics.

An up or down economy certainly impacts what people spend on jewelry.

But jewelry seems to one of those indulgences people can always give themselves.

And that’s good news for artisans selling handcrafted jewelry.