One of the most interesting aspects of marketing to me — and I’ve been in the field for more than 25 years — is what I call the “psychic” side of marketing.

It’s when you start marketing something, and you start getting orders, but not from the target group of your marketing efforts.

An example: A friend of mine sells wholesale desserts. She said she’ll take a sample cheesecake out with her on a delivery run, and offer slices to new restaurants in the area. She won’t get a single order from the places she visited, but she’ll return to her bakery to find 4 voicemail messages with orders from former customers who haven’t called her in months.

Crazy? Maybe not.

I believe, and I’m interested to hear your comments on this, that when you direct your attention out into the universe, the universe answers back, often from places you didn’t realize you were targeting.

Although I’m a cognitive psychologist, I believe that there are things going on around us we don’t necessarily understand.

And the Psychic Side of Marketing is just one of them!

What do you think?