If you’ve been reading my newsletters or used any of my jewelry selling programs, you know that I’m a nut about creating a great experience for your buyers.

The physical qualities your jewelry possesses are just part of the customer experience. The rest includes intangibles that communicate that you are competent, skilled, trustworthy and fun to buy from. After all, jewelry is not a necessity, so the experience of buying it should be pleasant, reassuring and fun at all levels.

I recently went to a gourmet food market to buy prepared foods for a small dinner party. The woman behind the prepared foods counter had a cotton ball stuck in her ear, which I assume was for an earache. Also, she was leaning on the counter instead of standing up straight. At one point, she turned her head and coughed into the kitchen without covering her mouth. I left without buying a thing.

It reminded me of the importance of your image: How you’re dressed, what jewelry you’re wearing, the appearance of the jewelry you display and the tidiness of the place where you display it, whether that’s in person, at a booth or on a web page.

Studies of the reactions people have to doctors and teachers tell us something extremely important: First impressions are critical. And studies show that impressions created within the first ten seconds tend to be confirmed with more experience. The good news is that when you communicate effectively through those initial impressions, you establish a strong relationship that will continue for a long, long time.

Have you ever had any similar experiences?

To selling more!