Sign of success

Home parties are an excellent way to create a fun and festive buying environment, especially around the holidays. Here are 5 Quick Tips for successful home parties:

1. Know thy host. Jewelry parties can be fun and profitable, but to avoid surprises(we’ve heard of many) make sure you know the host well and understand who the host plans to invite to the party. Make sure he or she knows your jewelry well and the prices you intend to charge.

2. Put everything in writing. There are plenty of ways of compensating a host (including a free piece of jewelry, a percent off, or even a percent of revenue) … no matter what the arrangements, put everything in writing so that responsibilities, fees and payments are clearly spelled out and agreed to in advance.

3. Create your own invitations if the party is hosted by someone else. Jewelry makers are often surprised when the host creates a cheap invitation that doesn’t match the style of the jewelry or the jeweler! Provide the host with ready-to-send invitations at no charge. If an online invitation service is used, provide the artwork for that, too.

4. Use the party to recruit new hosts. A jewelry party is a great time to recruit new hosts. Bring handouts that explain how guests can host a jewelry party of their own featuring you and your jewelry.

5. Be positive! Once the party is underway, get in the mindset of having fun! Even if just a few people show up, treat each person with warmth and the sincere desire to learn as much about them as possible. Relationships you establish at the party may pay off continually down the road, so keep your spirits up no matter what happens!

What makes your home parties a success?

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