I often use the blog to point out excellent examples of customer service that you can use to boost profits in your jewelry selling business.

I’ll do a separate post soon about the circumstances that led to me needing a new computer monitor, but for now, here’s the story and what you can learn from it:

I’m not a computer/tech-savvy person, but I do understand that as technology advances, the cost goes down and the quality goes up.

The newer monitors today, for example, cost less than the older ones and are MUCH better and much thinner/lighter (if I could only say the same for me!).

Anyway, I checked out Microcenter, Staples and a few other vendors, and then checked eBay, figuring that I would happily buy a new or used monitor from an individual or small company.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that Dell itself — through “Dell Financial Services” — sells refurbished equipment on eBay through the auction process. Many of the auctions I looked at had “no reserve,” which means you could buy a refurbished desktop, laptop or monitor for whatever the minimum bid was.

When looking through regular retailers, the best deal I could find for what I needed was a new monitor that — after rebates — would have been $99, but the item was out of stock.

I bid $62 on an auction for a refurbished 17″ monitor that cost just $9.95 to ship.

As with everything on eBay, depending on the item, the bidders and the day of the week, it might go for much less or a little more.

I was EXTREMELY pleased when the monitor arrived and looked like a brand new item. It has been restored to original specs and was wrapped/packed like a new item.

They offer a 30-day guarantee and after connecting it to my computer, I’m really happy with the purchase and everything else.

If you need a new desktop for your home office or a new laptop for when you’re traveling to shows, a new monitor or anything related, check them out at:


I have no connection to the company, I’m just amazed at how well they explain the item, where it came from, what the specs are and what a great job they do in keeping you posted during the order and delivery process.

It’s a good model to follow!

If you’ve had any experiences (good or bad) with computer purchases lately, please post a comment below!