The holidays will be here in the blink of an eye so I wanted to share with you a few tips that all have to do with getting PR for your jewelry business during the holidays:

1. Partner with a charity. Surveys of our readers indicate that a significant percentage of you either donate to charity or partner with one that’s important to you. Either way, you might contact local newspapers to tell them about that connection. You can send the release individually, or do it in partnership with the charity.

2. Create a holiday “fashion show” with a local boutique. Local television news shows love covering novel stories during the holidays. Partner up with a local women’s boutique and create a fashion show to demonstrate interesting and eye‐catching wardrobe and jewelry combinations for the holidays.

3. “Green it up” for the holidays. Host a demonstration of how consumers can “recycle” old, unwanted jewelry into holiday decorations and ornaments. You’ll create a newsworthy event that local papers would cover, and even help you promote in advance through press releases announcing the event. The concept is consistent with efforts to re‐use and re‐cycle.

4. Children’s Workshops. Contact your local children’s toy store, book store or library to create a workshop where children can make jewelry gifts for the holidays. These make great photo and video opportunities!

5. Volunteer your personal time. Contributing your time to a local charity over the holidays increases your visibility in the community and will make you feel great! Whether or not the event is publicized, you will build connections as you contribute something extremely valuable: You! Hospitals, homeless shelters and other social service agencies often need additional help during the holidays, so pitch in! 

What do you do to promote your business during the holiday season?


To selling more!