Recently, I noticed a common theme across my social media feed – everyone’s getting out to shows. And despite my want for it to still be summer – it really is show season!

Regardless of why each of us attends a show – to vend our wares, make new contacts, check out a show as a possible future location – we all seem to agree that shows are the heart and soul of our industry and where you will find the vibe, the pulse, the action and the future.

Of course show season means a lot of hard work and it’s a drain on resources.Shows also fuel your creativity as you’re surrounded by like-minded people who have also been working very hard and have been actively creative. Shows can also lead to new business with new customers; continued business with familiar clients; leads for new avenues and partnerships; along with so many other great opportunities that you just don’t get sitting in your studio.

On my calendar, I will be attending trade shows to demonstrate and teach; art shows to see friends and get a vibe on trends and attendees; flea markets and antique shows to spend time with my sister and look for vintage finds to incorporate/repurpose into displays and studio accessories; and I will be at a local craft show to vend alongside my son. I know each of these events will lead to new paths, new directions, new articles and topics to explore as well as create new relationships (there will probably be some fun and laughs mixed in, too).

Will you be out and about? Will you be selling at an art show under a tent or inside a museum? What is your approach? Any new tactics being explored this year? Please share your thoughts, ideas, questions and experiences so we can help each other to be as successful as possible.

If you’ll be at a show, list it here so whoever’s in the area can attend and support you. If you don’t have a show on your list this holiday season, I hope you can attend at least one as I’m sure it will fuel your soul and inspire you in one way or another.