One of the more common questions I get is whether or not an artisan jewelry maker should create a “lower priced” line ($5-15) to capture the lowest end of the jewelry buying market.

My answer is: No.

Why? Because the very best designs come from the passion you have for designing and making jewelry.

As in any creative, hands-on venture, that “sweet spot” where the passion is highest may occur at various points in the jewelry-making process. Some people find that passion in the design stage where their imagination can run wild.

Others find it’s in putting the piece together … like solving a beautiful puzzle..

Some of you find it’s in the “finish” work that takes a piece to the final stage … the point where it’s absolutely perfect. And of course, there are a few of you who are inspired and passionate all the way through the process.

That passion, that energy, that fire are all necessary to sell well, too!

Think about the last time you bought something you really liked … wasn’t the salesperson’s energy part of that experience? Didn’t it feel like the two of you were selecting and buying it together?

There’s a lot of things that can be faked in life, but passion — real passion — isn’t one of them. 

And what you make from the heart is worth quite a bit — a lot more than you may be charging.

Consider, as well, that the piece you sell will likely outlast the lifetime of the person who bought it, her daughter, and her daughter’s daughter as well. That’s worth a whole lot more than fifteen bucks.

Don’t worry about the “low end” of the market. That’s why they sell jewelry at low-end discount stores.

Focus on what you’re passionate about designing and making. And selling those pieces will be easy.