Shows abound - pick the right one for you, set up then sell your work with a smile.

Show season is upon us!

Here are a few quick tips to help you be more successful selling at shows.

  1. Stand UP! Sitting at your booth may be more comfortable, but it forces the customer to look down at you. To see “eye to eye,”stand when greeting customers, and take a seat to rest when no one is around.
  2. Make general eye contact when there are several people at the booth. If just one person asks a question, look around as you answer it to engage others who are there. It will make them feel included and shows your interest in them.
  3. Offer a “show-only special.” Limited-time offers create a sense of scarcity, and scarcity is a prime persuasion lever. Even offering specials that end at a speci c time during the show can encourage buying.
  4. Take photos of you with customers. Then post them to Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. It gives immediacy to your selling and shows others that you are a fun person to buy from!
  5. From one of our readers, Barbara McCoy, owner of the Gift Box: “I always keep a mirror on hand so that customers are able to actually see and feel how the jewelry will look once they get it home. In this case, a mirror is worth a thousand words!” Thank you Barbara!

Have a show or exhibitor tip to share? Please leave a comment below!