Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to explore creative new ideas for reducing shopping headaches among your current clients and prospects and to help make this special day even more wonderful for moms everywhere!

If you have not run local newspaper advertising recently because you thought that it was out of your reach economically, now would be an excellent time to call your local advertising rep.

In many communities, the local papers would love more advertising right now, and you might be able to get a better rate than usual in print and online.

Additionally, other sellers of Mother’s Day gifts are likely to be looking for more economical ways to market this year. That means that you may find eager participants in cooperative marketing ventures.

My office is in a small shopping center. There is a hair salon, a pharmacy, a dry cleaner, a nail salon, and a fashion boutique, among other types of stores.

Within just this one small center, there are five cooperative marketing opportunities. For example, not only can a salon display your jewelry, but they may want to offer a Mother’s Day “day of beauty” that includes a beauty treatment and a gift certificate for your jewelry.

The pharmacy not only carries Mother’s Day cards, but they sell bracelets, necklaces and earrings in a gift area as well as at the back register. Whoever buys the jewelry and accessories for the store has wonderful taste. Rack signs near the Mother’s Day cards could remind shoppers to visit the jewelry area, where they can see your beautiful handcrafted jewelry on display.

At a time when many retailers are looking for additional sources of income, this may be a particularly good time to visit pharmacies, boutiques, women’s specialty stores, candy stores, florists, card shops and more to see how interested they might be in selling your jewelry or taking advantage of other synergies.

Those synergies include combining purchases and adding on gift certificates. That also means that you would market and sell their products to your customers. For example, you can arrange a commission with a local florist for promoting their Mother’s Day arrangements to your customers and prospects.

If you are doing any shows, fairs or events between now and Mother’s Day, table signage related to these cooperative marketing ventures can be very effective, as customers will appreciate the opportunity to combine gifts.

Make sure, as well, that every piece you sell as a Mother’s Day gift includes a story card with contact information. If mom is not already a customer, she will want to become one after receiving your beautiful jewelry as a special gift.