• The Jewelry Selling Answer Book

Expert answers to the most popular questions that jewelry makers have about marketing and selling their handcrafted jewelry.  This top-to-bottom guide covers everything from pricing to gallery negotiations, commissions and more!

Get instant answers to the questions about selling handmade jewelry that drive jewelry makers CRAZY … and start selling MORE of your handcrafted jewelry!

Dear Friend:
If you’ve been frustrated in your jewelry selling because you have questions about where to sell or how to market your beautiful handcrafted jewelry …

… and can’t find the answers about growing your home-based jewelry business easily by searching online, … or reading through HUNDREDS of bulletin board posts about selling artisan jewelry …

My name is David Weiman, and I’m the former Marketing Director for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist — I was also the Marketing Director of Step by Step Beads, and Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

I’m a psychologist, as well, and I’ve talked with the best jewelry sellers out there to learn the secrets behind selling artisan jewelry.

I’ve also studied the research on consumer behavior to learn more about why people buy artisan jewelry — what the personality is of the person who buys it, and what is so special to artisan jewelry buyers about the experience of buying handcrafted jewelry.

Because of that expertise, I’ve received hundreds of phone calls, emails and questions at seminars over the years from handcrafted jewelry makers just like you.

And I found that certain kinds of questions were occurring over and over again, because they relate to common experiences that nearly ALL jewelry sellers have when it comes to marketing handcrafted jewelry:

Questions like:

“Should I enter my handcrafted jewelry into this juried show?”

“My artisan work was rejected by a jewelry and accessories gallery, should I keep trying to sell to other galleries?”.

“I don’t like to sell my handmade jewelry face to face — is there any other way to sell my jewelry?”

“I was asked to sell a piece that I was wearing, what should I have said?”

“Should I discount my jewelry to boost sales?”

If those questions have crossed your mind, too, then you’re like so many jewelry makers who face the same basic challenges, but didn’t have one resource to find all the answers.

Until now.

I kept a file of the questions I was asked, as well as the answers I gave. I did the same thing at my seminars — my assistants Melinda and Lauren wrote down the questions I was asked at each appearance, and we also kept track of the answers.

I also began answering the questions in a column I wrote for Lapidary Journal called “Jewelry Marketing Q&A” and I’m the resident expert for the Fire Mountain Gems “Ask the Expert Series” online.

I wanted to create a book of the most common questions jewelry makers have about selling so that every jewelry maker who wanted it could see the answers to these questions.

The Jewelry Selling Answer Book is a top-to-bottom resource PACKED with ideas for growing your handcrafted jewelry business:

All the great advice I’ve been giving home-based or retail-based handcrafted jewelry makers like you for years has been organized by subject in one ready 151-page reference:

Answers for Beginners:

  • What the #1 mistake is that beginners make, and how to avoid it.
  • How to get FREE help, from an expert, to put together a cash-producing plan.
  • How to make sure your business won’t run afoul of the law… or the IRS! You’ll be confident you’re selling the right way every time.

Finding the Right Marketing Channels:

  • How to identify the right buyers for your jewelry… and where to find them! You’ll save time by focusing on your best  prospects.
  • The best way to sell handmade jewelry (and why  some jewelry makers avoid it like the plague).
  • Your “secret partner” for home parties, and why most jewelry artists overlook her!


  • Why the most popular formulas are just plain wrong. And how to figure the correct price for your jewelry.
  • The secret reason why one piece sold for more than 10 times  its original price.
  • What EVERY real estate agent knows that can help you price your jewelry.

Discounts & Sales:

  • Why “discount” is a dirty word in handcrafted jewelry. You’ll learn how to avoid unnecessary (and costly) discounting strategies.
  • When to have a sale (and not, it’s not for the holidays!).
  • The “myth” of wholesaling artisan jewelry.

Selling at Shows:

  • FREE  ways to find out — before you invest a dime on booth space — whether a show is right for you.
  • How to salvage your time at a “bad” show!
  • Targeted questions you can ask to separate real prospects for handcrafted jewelry from people who are “just looking.”

Dealing with Competition:

  • What the music industry can teach you about competition.
  • How to tell  your “friends” from your “enemies” among competitors!
  • The one type of  jewelry professional that every jewelry artisan can partner with.

Consignment Galleries & Wholesaling:

  • The one thing you should never do to get a gallery owner to look at your jewelry.
  • Why some “time-saving” ways of marketing to galleries are actually time-wasters.
  • Negotiating  techniques that gallery owners wished I hadn’t revealed!

Publicity, Mailing Lists & Newsletters:

  • How to write a newsletter that your customers will want to read… every issue!
  • How to get your jewelry featured on the pages of national  magazines.
  • What Hush Puppy shoes can teach you about PR.

Handling Criticism:

  • The real reasons why so many jewelry makers clam up when someone criticizes their work.
  • How to find out what a prospect’s true objections are.
  • The psychology behind asking “probing” questions, and why they work

Motivation & Creative Block:

  • The keys to tapping into your REAL reasons for making jewelry.
  • What “creative  block” is, and 5 ways to overcome it.
  • How to know when it may be time to quit the field.

Commissioned Work:

  • Why it’s the most important work to get… and the hardest!
  • The three-step technique to getting paid every time.
  • The psychology of commitment that auto dealers use, and how you can use it, too!

Here is what people say about The Jewelry Selling Answer Book:

“I am about halfway through your book and it has already proved invaluable to me in preparing and registering for sole proprietorship of my new jewelry business! It brought to light things I may not have thought to do otherwise. I have explored everything you have written … thanks so much! I feel that much more confident in my decision to pursue this endeavor!”
Melanie A. Leon, Bellmawr, NJ

“Through reading your books I have come to realize I need two different marketing strategies for two different clientele. I have also started a proper business and marketing plan (which I was putting off) as well as a list of tasks that need doing to improve my business. I do two things each day and the list is finally shrinking. Focusing on my business in an organized way is making it happen. So, your books have been invaluable to get me back on track. I feel much more grounded in my business now ..”
Carol Hughes, Australia

“No matter what compels jewelers to go into business, when they need to know how to sell their jewelry, The Jewelry Selling Answer Book has the answers. Weiman not only delves deeply into the psychology of selling and buying, but he also tackles the subtle issues of developing a unique style, ways to handle rejection, criticism and jeweler’s block and the trickier one of knowing when to dissolve the business. His successful strategies and resources will keep the wheel of creating-and-selling turning effortlessly.
Nina Graci Step by Step Wire Magazine Review, Spring 2007

“Got it, registered it this a.m., started reading and was darn near late for work!! Chapter One hit me on nearly every single point, and I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for all the information and for the encouragement to get on the stick and get my business plan started.”
Kate Glover, Autumn Tree Jewelry

“… even for someone like myself, who has been involved in business for 15 years, I found some extremely valuable nuggets that are certainly worth their weight in literal gold.”
Cynthia Ryder New Brunswick, Canada

“As Weiman explains in the introduction of the book, the purpose of his e-book is to provide questions and answers “in one ready reference.” The hot links in the book allow you to hop over to specific areas of the text, so while you can read it from beginning to end, you can also go directly to a specific section.”
Tammy Powley
Jewelry Making at About.com

Okay, Dave, you know your stuff! So how much is it?

If you were to call me on the phone for a consult about your jewelry business, it would cost $185 an hour. And it took 6 hours to dictate all of these answers, so the entire work is worth about $1,110 in my time.

You’re getting all of that information, but you’re not going to pay anywhere near that price for it. In fact, you’re going to pay less than half an hour of my time!

Your total investment for this complete reference of answers to jewelry selling questions is just $24.95.

You get the 151-page Jewelry Selling Answer Book, electronic or print edition, plus 2 FREE Bonuses worth $54, at ZERO risk, because I’ll refund your FULL PRICE if you don’t feel it is packed with great marketing ideas — more about that guarantee below!

Plus: You get these FREE Bonuses (worth $34!) if you order right now:


Special Report: Handling Objections
A $17 Value — Yours FREE):

One of the most challenging situations most jewelry makers face (and truly dislike) is dealing with a prospective customers objections to buying.

These can range from complaints about your pricing to not having enough cash on hand to claiming that they can make the piece themselves!

Objections make many jewelry sellers defensive, but in this special report, you learn how to respond the right way to nearly any objection a prop sect raises.



e-Booklet: How to Write a Great Description of Your Jewelry Making Business
(A $17 Value — Yours FREE):

One of the most important things you can do is to write a FANTASTIC description of your business that explains who you are, what kind of handcrafted jewelry you make and why you make it!

In this e-Booklet, you get: The KEY Components of a great business description; A sample description that illustrates what every good business description should include; A step by step interview to help you write your GREAT description of your business; Suggestions for where to use your new description for maximum IMPACT!

100% No-Questions-Asked Better than Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with this book of answers to the most popular questions that jewelry makers like you have about selling, just jot off an e-mail within 12 months and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

The bonuses are yours to keep.

In other words, don’t decide right now if The Jewelry Selling Answer Book is for you…

Try it out for 12 months — risk FREE! Have you ever heard of someone guaranteeing a book for a whole year? I do, because I’m that confident it will help you sell more jewelry.

You have nothing to lose because if you don’t think it’s worth the purchase price, you simply request a refund within one year. No hassles. And we’ll still be friends!

Let’s recap …

  • You get the Jewelry Selling Answer Book (151 pages) by instant download.
  • You get the Special Report on Handling Objections.
  • You get the e-Booklet on how to write a great description of your jewelry selling business.
  • You have ONE YEAR to claim your refund if you don’t sell 10 times the purchase price.

Get this $54 package for just $24.95 now.

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