If you’ve ever worried about how to protect your designs from being copied, or been concerned about whether or not you can use a technique you learned or an idea you saw somewhere else, now you can have the answers! This is a one-hour discussion with attorney and jewelry maker Sarah Feingold on the ins and outs of legal issues for jewelry designers. The 1-hour audio CD and transcript comes with a FREE downloadable bonus!

Protect your original jewelry designs, learn what your responsibilities are as a jewelry artist, and separate copyright fact from fiction with this outstanding program!

This audio CD and transcript gives you the FACTS from the most respected source on the law for the handcrafted jewelry field.

Have you ever wondered if your new design idea can be copyrighted or trademarked?

Are you concerned that someone may have stolen an idea of yours?

Or do you want peace of mind that your idea wasn’t someone else’s first?

If you’ve ever had ANY question about the legal side of jewelry design and marketing, you’ll want to hear my interview with jewelry artist and attorney Sarah Feingold.

Sarah is the general counsel for Etsy.com, and she is also an accomplished jewelry maker who literally “wrote the book” on copyright for jewelry artists!

We recorded a one-hour conference call that covered just about everything you’d want to know as a jewelry maker about how the law does (and doesn’t!) protect what you work so hard to design.

And now that discussion — with answers to questions submitted by jewelry makers like you! — is available as an audio CD and full transcript of the discussion.

Here is just some of the important information you will learn:

  1. What are the differences between copyrights and trademarks?
  2. What if a client and a jeweler coordinate on a design? Who owns the design?
  3. What if you see jewelry for sale online with a copyright notice? What if you’re already making something similar?
  4. What if someone accuses you of copying a design, and you didn’t?
  5. What is the “Poor Man’s Copyright”?
  6. What if I buy a kit or a tutorial and want to use this information to make and sell my own jewelry?
  7. What should I do if a magazine wants to publish my work?
  8. What if I want to make art out of pre-existing material like an up-cycled record album cover?
  9. What about advertising laws and describing my jewelry?

… and much more!

It’s a wonderfully informative guide, from an expert who truly understands how the law impacts handcrafted jewelry artists, because she is an attorney AND a jewelry artist AND the general counsel for Etsy.com!

And once you’ve listened to this material and used the transcript, you’ll have complete confidence about what your legal rights and responsibilities are as a jewelry artist today.

David, I trust you and Sarah, so how much does it cost?

To get this kind of information somewhere else, you’d have to sit down with an attorney along with your list of questions.

And it’s difficult to find someone with this kind of expertise, so that alone wouldn’t be easy.

You would then have to pay the attorney their hourly rate to get the kind of information you’ll hear in this program.

That might cost up to $250 to get the targeted information you’ll get on this CD and read in the transcript.

But you won’t pay $250 for this interview.

Or even $150.

Or even $50.

The CD and transcript of our conference call is just $19.95 plus delivery ($4.55) … $24.50 total!

But wait! Order now and you will also get these 3 Gifts(worth $61!):

Free Bonus #1:

eBook: Tips for Your Home Jewelry Business Success (by Gary Capps)
($27 Value, Yours Free)

My friend Gary Capps, creator of the popular Bead Manager Pro jewelry business management software, has created an outstanding 62-page eBook that you get as a FREE and immediate download with your paid order.

This terrific, top-to-bottom guide includes these subjects:

  • Am I The Right Person For A Home Based Jewelry Business?
  • Prepare To Succeed In Your Home Based Jewelry Business
  • Find Your Unique Customer For Your Jewelry Business
  • How To Make Jewelry 101
  • How To Find Great Jewelry Designs
  • Pricing Your Jewelry For Profit
  • Sourcing Your Stones & Beads
  • Your Best Guess
  • Managing Your Ideas & Jewelry Inventory
  • Photographs That Sell Your Jewelry
  • Jewelry Marketing 101
  • Promoting Your Home Based Jewelry Business Website
  • Selling Your Jewelry On Ebay
  • Setting Up Your Consignment Accounts & Receivables
  • Party ON! What’s The Buzz?
  • How To Use Incentives To Attract A Host For Jewelry Parties
  • Hosting An Online Jewelry Party
  • How To Create A Winning Jewelry Catalog
  • Take Your Home Based Jewelry Business To A Trade Show Or Fair
  • Jewelry Trade Show Money Management Tips
  • Jewelry Trade Show Display Ideas
  • Making Sales At Jewelry Trade Shows
  • What It Takes To Make A Successful Home Jewelry Business: You!!!

Gary’s indispensable eBook covers virtually every aspect of creating a successful jewelry business! And you get this AWESOME and practical guide, worth $27, FREE with your paid order.

Free Bonus #2:

Special Report — How to Handle Objections
($17 Value, Yours Free)

One of the most challenging issues you face when selling your jewelry is how to handle the objections that people raise. Things like, “It’s too much,” or, “I could make that myself!” and many other comments prospects make.

Unfortunately, many artisan jewelers handle objections the wrong way!

They start responding to the first thing the prospect says, and that almost always fails!

This Special Report teaches handcrafted home-based jewelry makers and sellers like you, step by step, what to say when you hear objections like these and many others. You’ll learn:

  • How to ask probing questions that get at the REAL reasons behind the objection
  • How to confirm your understanding of the objection
  • How to learn more about the prospect’s handcrafted jewelry likes and dislikes
  • How to match your beautiful handmade jewelry to those likes
  • How to enlarge your circle of contacts by making the right referrals

You get this terrific and practical guide right away, by instant download, with your paid order.

Free Bonus #3:

e-Booklet: How to Write a Great Description of Your Jewelry Making Business
(A $17 Value — Yours FREE):

One of the most important things you can do is to write a FANTASTIC description of your business that explains who you are, what kind of handcrafted jewelry you make and why you make it!

In this e-Booklet, you get:

  • The KEY Components of a great business description;
  • A sample description that illustrates what every good business description should include;
  • A step by step interview to help you write your GREAT description of your business;
  • Suggestions for where to use your new description for maximum IMPACT!

When you order The Copyright CD and Transcript, you get the e-Booklet above — a $17 value — absolutely free.)

You can’t lose with my iron-clad, “better than risk-free” 1-Year 100% money-back guarantee:

I say “better than risk-free” because the bonuses are yours to keep, even in the unlikely event that you return the CD and Transcript.

Don’t decide if the product is for you right now.

Just get it, listen to it, read through the transcript and soak in all that information!

If you don’t feel like you now know what the legal issues are in copyrights, trademarks and protecting your designs, don’t worry about it, because if you return the program within one year you’ll get every dime of your money back.

No questions asked. No hard feelings!

Let’s recap:

  • You get the 1-Hour audio CD interview and transcript featuring Etsy.com general counsel and jewelry-maker Sarah Feingold for just $19.95 (plus shipping).
  • You get Gary Capps’ outstanding 62-page eBook covering everything you need to know to make your jewelry selling business a success — a $27 bonus for FREE.
  • You get the $17 Special Report on Handling Objections, that will help you sell more by asking  the right questions when people raise common objections!
  • You get the $17 business description e-Booklet, which helps you immediately write more powerful copy about your jewelry making business.
  • It all comes with a One Year MONEY BACK Guarantee. You have ONE YEAR to enjoy and learn from this CD and transcript. Or return them for a full refund. Even if you request a refund, you keep Gary’s eBook.

Click here to get this entire $85.95 package for just $19.95 (plus delivery of $4.55) … $24.50 total!

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