This learn-at-home program was filmed at a live seminar that you watch at home on DVD as if you were there! It includes a DVD, CD, Workbook, Transcript, and free bonuses!

For handcrafted artisan jewelry makers at all levels of experience who want to sell more handmade jewelry …

Learn the psychological side of marketing your handcrafted jewelry with this easy-to-follow “seminar in a box”!

(and find out the secrets of top handmade jewelry sellers!)

Dear Friend:

If you’ve been frustrated because you’re not confident in how to price your jewelry, you’ve had trouble finding the right shows to attend as a seller, or you’re not sure how to create an effective “mix” of products to sell, then this may be the most important information you read.

I’m Dr. David Weiman, and I was the marketing director of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist (and Step by Step Beads and Step by Step Wire Jewelry) for more than 20 years.

I know how the TOP handcrafted jewelry makers effectively sell their work for top dollar.

I’m also a licensed psychologist, and I’ve helped jewelry makers and jewelry retailers understand the personality of artisan jewelry buyers so that they can make better connections with those buyers.

I originally did that through a series of columns and articles on how to sell handmade jewelry. Then, I began presenting seminars on how to market and sell jewelry — to SOLD OUT audiences.

The success of these seminars created my biggest problem:

Many EXCELLENT jewelry makers wanted to attend these seminars, but I can only do a certain number each year, and I started to receive more and more requests for a DVD that would re-create the seminar experience for jewelry makers like you who want to learn at their own pace, in their own home, without traveling to a seminar.

How much MORE artisan, handcrafted jewelry could you sell from your home-based jewelry selling business or retail location if you knew …

  • how to set and achieve your goals in a way that would help you, even when you’re not consciously thinking about it…
  • how to share your goals with others so that you are more likely to achieve them…
  • how to start taking massive action for maximum success…
  • how to identify any obstacles you might face in pursuing your business goals and dreams…
  • why you should write a business plan and an outline that will help you write one quickly and easily…
  • what the elements are of a successful marketing plan…
  • why you should focus on what you love to make…
  • how to write a great description of your products…
  • how to assess your competition…
  • how to price your jewelry correctly and avoided under-pricing…
  • how to identify the prospects who are your ideal customers…
  • how to identify the right places to sell your jewelry…
  • options for promoting your jewelry selling business…
  • how to correctly handle the common objections that prospective buyers raise about your jewelry…
  • how to raise the level of your selling skills…
  • how to increase your product knowledge so that buyers feel confident and comfortable with you…
  • why story-telling is so important to selling jewelry and how to do it well…
  • how to represent yourself in the most effective way so that you form a strong relationship with prospective and current clients…
  • how to develop a set of customer service principles that will ensure you give extraordinary service…
  • what books, magazines and websites you can read to supercharge your business knowledge…

In this sample clip, Dr. Weiman explains how story-telling makes an impression on buyers:

Here’s what you get in this phenomenal program:

1. The 5 Keys to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry 1 hour 15 minute DVD.

The original seminar was three hours long, and it was edited down to produce a program that contains all of the essentials that you need to know to sell more of your handcrafted jewelry.

2. The 5 Keys 30-page workbook.

As you watch the DVD, you will learn, right along with the audience that was there that day, a huge number of topics that will increase your confidence, competence and skills.

3. An audio CD of the program.

Use it after watching the DVD for a “refresher” course that you can listen to in your car, or while you make jewelry!

4. A transcript of the entire program.

I know some people learn best when they have the opportunity to read through something educational, so I’ve included a COMPLETE transcript of the program so that you can read and review each important section.

Check Out These Reviews:

“He talks about creating goals, targeting a specific market, promoting your work, techniques for selling, and ideas for creating great customer service.

All of these are important, and he gives a lot of practical advice and tips, much of which are tied into the workbook that comes with the package. As you listen and/or watch, he prompts you to work through different areas of the book.

Though I’m a writer and designer, I’m also a teacher, so I was impressed with the fact that this package includes a lot of different learning style approaches. We all learn differently, and he took this into account by including auditory, visual, and tactile methods for working through the seminar package …

If you have seen David’s seminars listed in some of the show listings you get in the mail or by e-mail and have thought how nice it would be to attend one sometime but couldn’t due to the cost of the trip and/or the time, then this seminar “to go” will probably appeal to you, especially since the cost of this package is considerably less for most people than traveling to a jewelry convention.

Plus, since you own the material, you have the advantage of watching, reading, or listening to it more than just once and can refer to it on an as need basis.”

— Tammy Powley, Jewelry Making Guide

“Dr. Weiman is an excellent speaker. He’s entertaining and easy to listen to, and you come away feeling psyched up about your jewelry business.

You also come away with your own personal action plan (the completed workbook) for improving your jewelry sales. I liked that you write your responses in the workbook as you watch the DVD.

When it’s time to fill in the next part of the workbook, the DVD asks you to pause it so you can take your time, and to click Play when you’re ready to watch some more. I highly recommend this at-home jewelry marketing seminar.”

— Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Business Success News

“The 5 Keys to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry by Dr. David Weiman should be in the library of anyone wishing to sell the work of their hands, but especially jewelry makers.

Dr. Weiman’s engaging, interactive workbook and DVD program provide sound guidance to help you, as an artist, create a good business. The program will help you to: establish goals, define a business plan, develop the right marketing strategies for your style, and ultimately successfully sell your jewelry.

This is a great program for both experienced and emerging jewelry artists who are serious about profiting from their creative endeavors. I plan to use it myself!”

— Leslie Rogalski, Editor in Chief, Step by Step Beads

Okay, Dave, I’m Convinced You Know Your Stuff — But What’s the Cost of the Program?

Let’s do a quick comparison. If you were called me for a one-on-one consultation, you would pay $125 an hour, and, with conversation back and forth, it would take about 3 hours to cover all of the information in this program ($375).

You could also attend one of my live programs. That costs $90, and with travel to and from the show, that might be an extra $300. And it would be well worth that $390 investment — in fact, our seminars are regularly sold out!

But I’m not charging even my rate for 1 hour of a phone consultation for this package. In fact, your total investment for The 5 Keys to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry is just $49.95, (plus delivery).

I have a friend who spends that much a month on lattes from Starbucks!

I expect that if you watch the program and complete the workbook exercises, you will be more prepared than ever to market and sell with confidence and passion!!

And what company you know of offers a full money back guarantee and gives you a year to return it? (That’s right. I’ll tell you about that in a moment.)

Plus: You get — FREE! — these 3 additional bonuses ($85 Value)!


6 issues of Jewelry Selling Insights
($18 Value — Yours Free)

This electronic newsletter is the only publication focusing on the psychology of selling artisan jewelry. If you are already a subscriber, just let me know and we will extend your subscription by six months. By reading JSI, you will learn even more about connecting with prospective and current jewelry buyers. People pay $36 per year to receive Jewelry Selling Insights, and you will get a huge amount of value from the free issues that you’re going to receive. (An $18 value!)


Conference Call on Jewelry Selling ($50 Value — Yours Free)

I do private conference calls with groups of jewelry makers throughout the year. In the past, we’ve covered all kinds of topics, such as staying motivated, website tips, copyrights, trademarks and protecting your designs, dealing with creative block and more!

You will receive a FREE invitation to participate in one of those calls, and you’ll get the follow up transcript free. (A $50 value!)


Special Report: The Psychology of Pricing Artisan Jewelry (14-page e-Booklet. $17 Value — Yours FREE)

Every jewelry maker, no matter how experienced, has concerns about correctly pricing handcrafted jewelry

Should you use a formula? How much is your time worth? Why can one jewelry artist command more for her work than someone who’s not as experienced?

The reality is that the pricing of almost anything has a lot to do with a consumer’s perceptions of an item’s value based on its price, their desire in some cases to pay more, rather than less, and emotional barriers to certain pricing scenarios.

In this special report, Dr. David Weiman, jewelry marketing expert and psychologist, explores a range of issues related to the psychology of pricing so that you will be better prepared to price your beautiful handcrafted jewelry the right way now and far into the future, whether you’re a home-based jewelry artist or a handmade jewelry maker who sells from a retail outlet.

100% No-Risk, Bullet-Proof Money Back Guarantee

Don’t decide if you want to keep the program right now. This is a no risk offer, and you will have one year to evaluate the product and return it for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

I believe very strongly that by following the advice in this program you will radically boost your knowledge and confidence about marketing your jewelry, and with our money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

How many other companies offer you ONE FULL YEAR to evaluate their product and return it for a full refund if it doesn’t help you the way they say it will?

Let’s recap:

You will receive all of the following:

  • The 5 Keys to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry DVD
  • A workbook
  • A CD
  • A transcript of the entire program
  • A FREE 6-issue subscription to Jewelry Selling Insights
  • A FREE invitation to a one-hour conference call.
  • A FREE Special Report: The Psychology of Pricing Artisan Jewelry

Click here to get this entire $134.95 program for just $49.95

(plus delivery)

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