Jewelry makers are often unaware of “blind spots” that prevent them from connecting easily with all kinds of prospects. A Myers-Briggs personality report and one-on-one feedback with Dr. Weiman can reveal the blind-spots and remove obstacles to your success!

If you’ve ever wondered how you can learn more about your personality, and about how the preferences you have can dramatically impact your
interactions with others … the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Report and Feedback is for you.

“Would you like to learn more about yourself? Your preferences for certain people or environments? What energizes and motivates you? How to make the best decisions?”

— David A. Weiman, Psy.D.
Psychologist and Marketing Specialist

A Myers-Briggs ® Interpretive Report and Feedback is a powerful tool for increasing your self-knowledge and your success in business. And you can start right now.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ®) assessment is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. 

With a proven record of reliability spanning more than 50 years, it offers a foundation for understanding individual differences and applying that understanding to the ways people think, communicate, and interact. Versatile and dependable, the MBTI ® tool sets the stage for lifelong learning and development.

Individuals and organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, use more than 2 million assessments worldwide each year.

Dr. Weiman is a Certified MBTI Practitioner and through a special arrangement with the publisher of the MBTI ®, has made it possible for you to take the Myers-Briggs® online right now.

After completing your assessment, you’ll receive your report via e-mail, and then have a one-hour feedback session by phone with Dr. Weiman to learn how to apply your MBTI® to enhancing your jewelry marketing and selling.

You may have seen other sites that offer a “version” of the MBTI ®, but unless the administration is using the copyrighted materials of Consulting Psychologists Press, you aren’t getting the real deal.

Why do I think the MBTI ® is so valuable for jewelry artisans?

You have specific skills and talents that you and everyone else around you can see:

  • You have creative gifts. You have the ability to imagine combinations of materials in your mind in a way that is unique and inspired.
  • You have handcrafting skills. You can take those creative ideas and create something in metal, stones, beads and more to express those ideas.

But what about the gifts you have that aren’t as easy to see?

Every individual has a special way that they view and interact with the world. And because of how the mind works, some of that information is readily available, and some of it isn’t quite so apparent.

The MBTI ® is a method for understanding some of the “driving forces” of your personality. Like why some people are energized by being around others. Yet other people can be drained by being around other people.

You may know which of those two types you are — and even be a mix of the two! — but when you learn about the different parts of your personality and how they work together, you will have powerful information you can use to market and sell with more energy and effectiveness.

Why should you trust me to provide your assessment feedback?

Because, as most of you know, I’ve had 20 years of experience in the field of jewelry marketing, as Marketing Director of Lapidary Journal, Colored Stone, Step by Step Beads and Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

Because I’m also a management psychologist. I have two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate in psychology. And for 15 years I’ve done assessment work with individuals to help them learn more about their personalities and how to maximize that knowledge.

Because I am the only experienced psychologist and marketing specialist in the jewelry marketing field right now who is providing services to help jewelry makers better understand themselves and how to succeed.

Here are some of the benefits of the MBTI ® Interpretive Report and Feedback with Dr. Weiman:

You learn how you gain and use energy

  • Knowing this helps you decide what marketing and selling activities will likely appeal to you the most.
  • Are you more energized by being around people? Or by being alone with your own thoughts and ideas?
  • Depending on your preferences in this area, you can strategize how to market and sell your jewelry in a way that makes the best use of your own style.
  • You won’t fight the tide anymore … you’ll be swimming with it!

You learn how you prefer to gather information

  • Once you understand this part of yourself, you’ll be able to decide on the most effective ways of gathering information about the market and your clients.
  • Are you more interested in the facts of a situation? Or maybe you trust your own instincts more than the facts?
  • Your preferences in this area can help you decide what kinds of marketing and sales information are easiest for you to manage, and what to do about the kinds of data you enjoy working with least!

You learn your preferences for making decisions.

  • Do you tend to use a logical, objective analysis, or do you tend to use person-centered values?
  • Knowing this, along with Dr. Weiman’s feedback, will help you decide how to handle customer requests, complaints, and potential conflicts.

You learn your preferences for relating to the outside world.

  • Are you orderly and organized? Or flexible and adaptable? May a little of both?
  • Your report and feedback will help you decide how to channel those preferences into success when you’re selling your jewelry.

For $139 you will receive:

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Interpretive Report Click here to view a sample 18-page report.
  • A One-Hour Feedback by Phone with Dr. Weiman My rate for phone consultations alone (without an MBTI) is $200 per hour. You are receiving the 18-page MBTI® Interpretive Report and the one-hour feedback by phone for less than the cost of the phone call alone.
  • A FREE 6-Month Subscription to Jewelry Selling Insights My new newsletter is packed with information on selling more effectively, and with your MBTI® feedback in mind, you will radically BOOST your selling skills. The regular rate is $36/year (12 issues). You get 6 issues FREE ($18 value) when you order the MBTI® report and feedback program.
  • FREE Invitation to a Jewelry Selling Conference Call Throughout the year, I host conference calls where I respond to questions from jewelry makers and brainstorm new selling ideas. You will get a free invitation to one of our scheduled calls where you can listen in! You’ll also receive a free transcript of the call after it’s completed. The typical charge for this call is $50 – you get it FREE with your MBTI order.

This package is worth, $268 … your price is just $139

Click here to order your MBTI® Interpretive Report and Feedback right now:

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