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We’ve been proud to serve you Jewelry Selling Insights for 11 years. It has become evident to us, people are looking for marketing information in new ways. With that, we need to rethink our delivery method and have discontinued Jewelry Selling Insights as a monthly newsletter.

We will continue to provide you marketing information for your handcrafted jewelry business through our free newsletter, on the blog at marketingjewelry.com and our Facebook page.

Imagine yourself easily marketing and selling your jewelry to eager buyers!

We help you do it every month!

Jewelry Selling Insights is the ONLY e-newsletter packed with new ways you can attract the right prospects and turn them into long-term customers who love buying from you!

And with decades of experience sharing ideas for artisan, handcrafted jewelry makers, no one knows more about helping jewelry artists like you market and sell your beautiful jewelry …

Each month you get new ideas, easy-to-do tips and little-known secrets so you can sell more:

  • Great ideas for preparing for the BIG holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more!;
  • How to start a “buying” conversation with prospects  … never be tongue-tied again;
  • Learn how to tell who’s “just looking,” who’s a real prospect, and how to handle both;
  • Shy? We give you the tools you need to market yourself without stressing;
  • Should you take your own photos or hire a pro? We explain when to shoot and when to pay;
  • How to pick the right shows for your jewelry. Avoid wasting time and effort;
  • Suffering from creative block? We explain how to overcome it quickly so you can get back to making more jewelry;
  • At a show where nothing is going right? We tell you how to make the most of a bad show;
  • How to price your jewelry correctly to get the highest price;
  • Wholesale or not? You get advice on avoiding arrangements that don’t pay off;
  • Ideas for growing your customer list. You learn maximize your relationships and build loyalty;
  • How to approach galleries with your work. You’ll feel more confident and avoid money-losing agreements that do not benefit you;
  • What to include in you customer newsletter. Engage and connect more easily than ever;
  • How to recruit home party hosts. Overcome any anxiety about “working” a crowd;
  • What “key words” attract buyers of handcrafted jewelry. You’ll write more effective copy;
  • Should you ever fire a customer? Learn how when to move on from unprofitable relationships;
  • How to respond to criticism. Don’t get mad! Learn something from the feedback you get;
  • How to prepare yourself for maximum success, and many more home jewelry business and handcrafted jewelry success tips!

Jewelry makers love JSI because it helps them market more confidently:

“Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this newsletter!! The section you wrote on social media mix is absolutely wonderful and filled with tons of very useful resources that I will be using a lot of, as this is an area that I have been trying to get better at, using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for marketing my jewelry business.”

Angela Robinson

“I absolutely LOVE JSI and just cannot wait to get the next issue! I have used so many of your suggestions that I feel it has helped me tremendously. At the art shows and private home shows, I do great and your suggestions and advice always give me confidence when I am doing them. I feel that I have had “training” from you and cannot thank you enough!”

Karin Shattuck, Sunset Gems, www.sunsetgemsbykarin.com


“I just subscribed, downloaded the past issues and read the first one. It talked about the reasons people buy. One of them was nostalgia. (It reminds them of something pleasant from the past.) I was at an event over the weekend and brought my case of jewelry. One person purchased a pearl necklace (in several shades of olive green). She commented that the colors reminded her of a dress she owned as a child. And that is why she purchased it! I would not have considered this reason previously but now can use it to prompt potential buyers into ‘remembering.’ So thank you for the immediate benefit from Jewelry Selling Insights!”
Alene Geed, Alene’s Adornments

“I have to tell you, I have learned a lot from Jewelry Selling Insights about marketing and selling my jewelry. I have the all the technical skills I need, but I wanted some guidance in jewelry-specific selling, and you’ve provided it. I’m selling more (and enjoying it more!) thanks to you and the newsletter.”
Charlene Anderson,Jackson Hole, WY, http://charanderson.com/

“David, I would like to THANK-YOU so very much for the amazing information you provide to all of us Jewelry Artisans out here! Trying to find good, practical and extremely valuable sources is a challenge, but you have mastered it and I look forward to another year of your wealth of applied knowledge! Here’s to another great year of conducting business in a most lucrative way! Thanks again.”
Christina Moscone, Norfolk, VA

Experienced guides show you how:

Dr. David A. WeimanPublisher Dr. David A. Weiman has been involved in the jewelry business for three generations. His grandfather started Weimans for Diamonds jewelry stores in Philadelphia.

He is also a licensed psychologist and former Vice President of Marketing of the company that brought you Lapidary Journal, Jewelry Artist, Step by Step Beads, Step by Step Wire, Bead Fest and more.

He brings insights about the psychology of connecting with buyers, creating trust, writing effective advertising/marketing copy and more.

2012_headshot2Editor Tammy Honaman has been making jewelry for over 20 years, working in a variety of media, including metal clay, wire, sheet metal, polymer clay, glass and beads.

She is the Content Manager of MarketingJewelry.com and also works with industry leaders in creating and authoring educational content for their use in print and video.

You can view many of her jewelry-making projects, articles and jewelry-making video segments on the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads web site. You can also find her in person at national and international trade shows presenting industry-related seminars and teaching jewelry-making classes.

David and Tammy not only bring you expert content every month, but they connect you with expert resources who share their knowledge and expertise on how to connect with your buyers and turn them into lifelong clients and friends.

Order now and get 3 FREE Instant Bonuses (a $62 Value)!

Free Bonus #1:

Overcoming the 3 Big Obstacles to Jewelry Sales Success e-Course
($27 Value — Yours Free!)

In all of my seminars, consults and teleconferences, one of the biggest obstacles to jewelry sales success is self-doubt.

You can produce outstanding work, but somewhere in the back of your mind is nagging self-doubt about how good it is, and whether or not it’s worth the price that you’re charging.

It leads many jewelry artists to UNDER-price their work. Sometimes significantly. I produced an e-Course called Overcoming the 3 Big Obstacles to Jewelry Sales Success.

Use it and you will gain more confidence right away. More of a lift when you work on projects. Upbeat about getting the price you deserve. More energized about every aspect of your jewelry business.

Free Bonus #2:

Special Report: Profitable Jewelry Selling Home Parties
($17 Value — Yours Free!)

Jewelry Selling Home Parties are a PHENOMENAL way to sell your beautiful handcrafted jewelry in a warm and festive environment.

In this Special Report, you learn the advantages of home parties, how to find hosts, what to offer them, how to ensure the right guests show up, how to get more hosts from party attendees, and more!

It’s a top-to-bottom guide that includes examples of actual arrangements that successful handmade jewelry artists like you have arranged with party hosts.

Free Bonus #3:

The Jewelry Selling Insights Power Pack
($18 Value — Yours Free!)

To give you a solid “jump start” to learning more about effectively selling the jewelry you work so hard to make, I’ll include this compendium of 6 back issues of Jewelry Selling Insights — a $18 value — containing 62 pages of selling tips, display techniques, packaging ideas and more — absolutely free.

It’s like getting 6 issues FREE with your paid subscription! That lowers your per-issue cost to just $2!

The Power Pack is a $18 value. It’s yours FREE by instant download with your paid subscription.

100% Bullet-Proof “Better Than Risk-Free” Money-Back Guarantee:

If you aren’t completely satisfied that Jewelry Selling Insights has helped you, just send us a note. We’ll refund your undelivered issues. Even if you cancel your subscription, you keep the bonuses, worth $62, as our gift.

There’s no risk to you and oceans of knowledge, confidence and motivation to gain!



Here’s what you get:

  • 12 issues of Jewelry Selling Insights for just $36 — PACKED with great information so you can transform your mindset, skill set and business.
  • The Power Pack — containing 6 back issues ($18 value) — for FREE.
  • The eCourse Overcoming the 3 Big Obstacles to Jewelry Sales Success, a dynamic workbook designed to help you identify and overcome self-limiting thoughts — a $27 value — FREE.
  • The Special Report: Jewelry Selling Home Parties with top-shelf information on having a successful event — a $17 value — FREE.
  • A 100% money back guarantee on un-served issues.
  • You keep the bonuses even if you cancel.

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