Learn the marketing secrets of the most successful jewelry sellers in the world! This is the best basic program there is for beginners who are just starting out selling. If your friends and family have started buying from you, this program will show you the ideas others are using to grow their businesses.

Discover the Easy to Learn Secrets of the Most Successful Jewelry Sellers in the World!

And you don’t have to be an expert in marketing or business to do it.

You get all of this knowledge right at your fingertips:

  • How to identify your goals for selling your jewelry. This step makes it easy to decide the right sales methods later on.
  • What car shopping can teach you about training your mind  for success. You’ll engage your subconscious in helping you sell more.
  • What the top motivators are among jewelry makers  (Hint: Money isn’t #1). Once you know this, you’ll make quicker decisions  about what selling techniques to use.
  • How to get a FREE sample business plan … you save money and time using it!
  • A simple test to make sure your marketing ideas have the best chance for success!
  • How to get FREE professional advice on your jewelry  making business.  The sources are out there… I tell you how  to find them.
  • Key questions that reveal what customers love. (And the best times to ask.)
  • Simple ways to learn about your customers that smoothly integrate into your selling.
  • The best ways to get replies to customer surveys, ensuring you get valuable information.
  • How to keep an eye on competitors so you always know  what they’re selling!
  • The simple but rarely-used way to find out how customers feel about your competition!
  • 3 BIG questions that every marketing technique needs to answer.
  • Why people may walk right by your booth at a show or fair. And how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • How to avoid this common mistake on business cards… you won’t fall into this trap!
  • How  to talk about your jewelry that will stick in the customer’s  mind long after they purchase from you.
  • A step-by-step method for overcoming pricing fear … you’ll price with confidence.
  • The keys to successful house parties… save yourself from “trial and error.”
  • Discover if you have any “unconscious” obstacles to success. And how to get around them, step-by-step.
  • Identify self-limiting thoughts so you can reframe your thinking for success!

Selling more is easy with our CD and workbook combination:

As a psychologist, I know people have many ways of learning. The most effective way is to combine more than one “channel,” which is why my program includes a CD so you can listen to the information, a workbook where you can read along, and the opportunity to write your own thoughts, too.

The Audio Seminar on CD (55 minutes):

1. Introduction: Getting the most from the seminar.

2. Setting goals: The real key to sales success.

3. Business planning: A roadmap to your goals.

4. Market research: What your customers love.

5. Marketing techniques: Connecting with people.

6. Personality factors: Selling from your strengths.

The Workbook (19 pages):

A self-paced guidebook with checklists and exercises to help you use what you’ll learn in the seminar.

You’ll identify your goals, learn how to create a business plan, get ideas for advertising and marketing your business, discover how to do simple but effective marketing research, identify the common mistakes that jewelry sellers make, and get a list of resources that will help you sell more!

View sample Workbook page.

What are people saying about this program?

“We’ve often talked on the forum about having confidence in ourselves and our jewelry, and Weiman tackles these in both the workbook and CD.”
Tammy Powley, About.com, Read her review of this program

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful books and CD. You have helped me to realize that I have been marketing to the wrong crowd. You have given me more confidence in myself and my jewelry. I can’t wait to put your ideas and what I have learned into practice. I’ll let you know how it goes with the “right” kind of attitude and the right kind of marketing!”
Wendee Brandenburg

“I read the workbook and listened to both CD’s. Both CD’s and the workbook had some fantastic tips and great advice. Thanks!! Your CD reminded me how important it was to get my business plan going so that I did. You wouldn’t believe how much more organized I am and feel as a result of working on my business plan. Great reminder!! Thanks again for all the great information.”
Shelli Marie Galbraith

“Just wanted to let you know that I have listened to your CD on Marketing jewelry. I found it to be very informative with a conversational style. I really enjoyed it, and thanks for putting it together. This gives me some direction and confidence in attaining my goal of owning and operating a successful jewelry making business. I think of it as another tool in the toolbox to be used to achieve my goals.”
Ted Odeh, Silent H Designs

“I wanted everyone to know how valuable this CD and work book are – I have listened to it and shared it and the response is all positive – valuable insight and ways of thinking and approaching marketing to improve your overall outcome. We appreciate this and know that we will be better able to market strategically. Go for it! It is valuable information!”
Kathy Tarbet, http://www.nhest.org

“David truly understands the sort of person who makes and buys artisan jewelry, so his advice is well targeted, especially as it pertains to the kinds of obstacles creative people often place in their own way.”
Alice Korach,The Bead Bugle

“Powerful stuff and an approach which everyone – no matter how developed the business already is – can make use of! Thanks!!”
Claudia Atkins, Handmade Jewelry and Gems

This program works! So how much is it?

Let’s do a quick comparison. If you were to call me on the phone for an hour’s worth of phone coaching, you’d pay $125 per hour. Add in the time for our conversation back and forth, and it would take about two hours ($250) to cover the material in this CD and workbook.

But I’m not charging anywhere near even my minimum rate for a one-hour phone coaching session. In fact, your total investment for the Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry Program is just $34.95 plus shipping.

If you follow my advice, you should radically increase your selling smarts!

Plus, what seminar speaker that you know of offers a full money back guarantee and gives you a year to do it? (That’s right. I’ll tell you about that in a moment.)

But wait! Order now and you will also get these 3 FREE Bonuses (worth $42!):

FREE Bonus #1:

Using Social Networking to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry
(1-Hour Audio CD. $20 Value — Yours FREE)

I did a one-hour interview recently with Rena Klingenberg, accommplished jewelry artisan and the author of the outstanding book Social Networking – Sell Your Jewelry Online the New Way.

Selling online is an essential way for handmade jewelry makers like you to connect and build relationships with prospects, sell your jewelry to them, and maintain contact with customers for years to come. If you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and other forms of social networking, the information on this call will help you sell more effectively.

We cover some of Rena’s top tips and techniques for getting more exposure, driving more traffic to your own social media sites, the power of the “niche,” reaching targeted prospects, prioritizing your time, and other ways to boost sales using social networking!

This $20 value is yours free when you purchase this Intro program.

FREE Bonus #2:

Overcoming the 3 Big Obstacles to Sales Success
($17 Value — Yours FREE)

If you’ve ever doubted your work, felt guilty for charging a higher price, ruminated over criticism of your jewelry or had other self-defeating thoughts,

I’ll show you how to overcome them!

This supplement to your workbook teaches, step by step, how to identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

View sample page of FREE BONUS.

FREE Bonus #3:

The Little Button That Gets Big Sales ($5 Value — Yours FREE)

Wear it to work, parties and shows where you have a booth.

Wear it to jewelry shows where you’re NOT exhibiting to get inquiries from people who are there to buy!

The “Ask Me” button is FREE with your purchase of Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry.

Get the entire $76.95 program for just $34.95!

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You can’t lose with my iron-clad, “better than risk-free” 1-Year 100% money-back guarantee:

I say “better than risk-free” because the Bonus CD is yours to keep, even in the unlikely event that you return the Intro Program CD and workbook.

Don’t decide if the product is for you right now.

Just get it, listen to it, complete the workbook and try the techniques I’m suggesting.

If you don’t feel a boost in your confidence, have more certainty about your goals, have a better understanding of how to market and sell and find additional resources to help you sell even more, don’t worry about it, because if you return the program within one year you’ll get every dime of your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings! So you have nothing to lose, and at quite a bit of marketing knowledge, selling savvy and self-confidence to gain. Is that fair, or what?

Let’s recap:

  • You get the 55-minute audio CD with me coaching you through all of the major areas of jewelry selling. People pay $75 for my live seminar … you get this “private lesson” along with all of the bonuses for just $34.95 (plus shipping).
  • You get $42 worth of valuable bonuses for FREE. The bonus on overcoming obstacles to sales success, by itself, is worth more than the cost of the entire program.
  • It all comes with a One Year MONEY BACK Guarantee. You have ONE YEAR to grow your jewelry selling business with the expert advice in this program. Or return it for a full refund.

Click here to get this entire $76.95 program for just $34.95!

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Special Gold Package for Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry Sellers Who Want Personal Coaching by Phone

Intro Program and Phone Coaching.

To talk one-on-one about how to make more money or handle any current issues in your jewelry making venture, consider getting the Intro Program and a 60-minute live phone coaching session Gold Package.

For just $97, you get Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry (with FREE delivery), the bonuses shown above, and a 60-minute live phone consult to discuss anything related to your business — your promotional material, your story cards, your website, your pricing strategy — anything at all.

My current rate for phone coaching is $125 per hour. The program above is worth $76.95 — that means the Gold Package is worth a total of $201.95! But you won’t pay even half that!

You’re getting all of that marketing and selling advice and information for just $97.

The Special Gold Package is not for everyone.

You have to be ready to TAKE ACTION and start making more money. If you’re nervous about taking the next step, this package is not for you. But if you’re ready to take your jewelry selling to the next level, click below and start making more.

Do it today.

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