Grow your jewelry business! Learn what jewelry makers like you are doing to improve their websites, write better ads, run more effective promotions, create more booth traffic, bond with customers and more! Most of the ideas are free or cost almost nothing to implement. The eBook comes with $85 of FREE bonuses!

In today’s economy you need easy-to-use, quick and effective ideas that don’t cost much to do …

101 Quick and Easy Jewelry Selling Techniques for Handcrafted Jewelry Makers and Home-Based Jewelry Sellers Like You!

Dear Friend:

Have you ever just sat there frustrated trying to think of a new idea that will help you sell more of your handmade jewelry?

Hoping if you had just one really good idea, you could sell a few more items?

Or get a few new customers?

Or have a better show or home party?

How much more money you will make with not just one, but one hundred and one new ideas!

That’s what you get in my eBook, 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques.

My name is David Weiman and for 20 years I was the marketing director of the world’s best-known and most widely-read jewelry magazines.  I’m also the third generation in my family to work in the jewelry field (my father and grandfather were both jewelers in Philadelphia, owners of Weiman’s for Diamonds).

I’m a psychologist, as well, and I’ve talked with the best jewelry sellers out there to learn the secrets behind selling artisan jewelry.

To create this guide for you, I went through the best easy-to-follow tips I’ve published over the years and put them in one guide you can use RIGHT NOW!

Organized by subject, you quickly find the sales-boosting tips you want:

Selling Face to Face :

  • A simple action that warms up EVERY prospect. (Tip #1)
  • How to use color choice to hook buyers. (Tip #3)
  • What you can learn from politicians about body language that will help you appear more inviting and less threatening to prospects and clients. (Tip #6)
  • A simple thing you can do that keeps customers happily waiting and chatting with you about your jewelry! (Tip #9)

Selling on the Web:

  • Where to put customer testimonials online if you don’t want them on your primary website. (Tip #25)
  • An easy way to double or even triple the number of names on your prospect mailing list. (Tip #30)
  • Why you should remove “rotating” images from your web pages. (Tip #33)

Advertising and Promotion:

  • The colors that top professional gem and jewelry photographers recommend for the background of your jewelry photos. (Tip #36)
  • A simple method for getting cash in the bank for orders that are placed later! (Tip #41)
  • The most obvious place most jewelry makers overlook as a spot to include marketing information. (Tip #42)
  • This type of marketing partner can lead to blooming profits! (Tip #44)

Customer Service:

  • A simple promise that prospects often use as their FINAL way of deciding whether or not to buy. (Tip #89)
  • The REAL first step you should take when fielding a customer complaint. (Tip #91)
  • Something you can “add” to repairs that instantly increases satisfaction, even before you do the work! (Tip #94)

Plus: This eBook is packed with “clickable” resources to help you sell more.

Check out these reviews:

“I love quick-and-easy tips that don’t take a lot of time, money, or planning to put into action. I’m much more likely to accomplish things that are simplified. That’s why I highly recommend 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself on the road to more customers and greater profits from your jewelry business.”
Rena Klingenberg, Home Jewelry Business Success Tips

“This man knows how to sell jewelry! In his eBook, 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques you’ll learn tips and techniques that you can start using this very minute to start selling more jewelry. If you are looking for more ways to increase your business in today’s tough economy you should look into investing in this ebook of selling tips.”
Barbe Saint John, Craft Gossip Jewelry Making Editor

Jewelry makers like you learn more with my information products:

“David while printing your book 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques I was reading some of it and I already do one of the tips [giving sample jewelry and cards to friends]. I find it to be really helpful and the friends I give the jewelry to love the idea. I have made many new friends doing this tip. I have given the teller at my bank and my insurance agent jewelry and have received calls from others to purchase those items. So this concept really works! Keep up the good work!”
Carol J. Hamilton, Myerstown, PA

“… you are the best I have found and I recommend you all the time. Thanks for doing what you do. You fill a much needed niche in the marketing world.”
Wendee Brandenburg , Twin Lake, MI

“Through reading your books I have come to realize I need two different marketing strategies for two different clientele. I have also started a proper business and marketing plan (which I was putting off) as well as a list of tasks that need doing to improve my business. I do two things each day and the list is finally shrinking. Focusing on my business in an organized way is making it happen. So, your books have been invaluable to get me back on track. I feel much more grounded in my business now ..”
Carol Hughes, Melbourne, Australia

“No matter what compels jewelers to go into business, when they need to know how to sell their jewelry … His successful strategies and resources will keep the wheel of creating-and-selling turning effortlessly.”
Nina Graci Step by Step Wire Magazine Review, Spring 2007

“Powerful stuff and an approach which everyone – no matter how developed the business already is – can make use of! Thanks!!”
Claudia Atkins Handmade Jewelry and Gems

Okay, Dave, I’m convinced you know your stuff … so how much is it?

If you were to call me on the phone for a consult about your jewelry business, it would cost $125 an hour. And it took 11 hours to compile and edit these tips into one volume, which is $1,375 in my time.

You’re getting all of that information, but you’re not going to pay anywhere near that price for it. In fact, you’re going to pay LESS than half an hour of my time!

Your total investment for this complete reference of proven advertising, marketing and selling techniques is just $17.

But wait! You not only get the eBook, you also get these 3 FREE bonuses (an $85 value):

Free Bonus #1:

Transcript of a Jewelry Selling Conference Call
($17 Value — Yours FREE)

I do live conference calls regularly with artisan jewelry makers on how to sell their jewelry more effectively.

We deal with different subjects in each call … you will get a transcript of one of these advice-packed calls as a gift.

This is a $17 value.

Yours free with your order.

Free Bonus #2:

Jewelry Selling Insights Power Pack
($18 Value — Yours FREE)

Jewelry Selling Insights is the Number One eZine for makers of artisan, handmade jewelry. Every month, we publish sales-boosting insight into how and why consumers buy artisan jewelry. And how to use that information to price, market and sell your jewelry effectively.

In the Power Pack, you get 6 outstanding issues of Jewelry Selling Insights in one blockbuster package, loaded with ideas you can use to promote your business, reach new prospects and convert them into loyal, long-time customers. This is an $18 value. Yours free with your order.

Free Bonus #3:

Invitation to a Private Conference Call
($50 Value — Yours FREE)

I do private conference calls with small groups of jewelry makers throughout the year. I send out an invitation in advance and solicit questions from prospective conference call participants.

I then answer the questions during the call, and if time permits, we open the call up to live questions. You will receive a FREE invitation to participate in one of those calls, and you’ll get the follow up transcript free.

This is a $50 value. Yours free with your order.

Why am I practically giving all this information away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’re accessing this directly from the Internet, I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t have to pay to have it printed up. I don’t need to pay anyone to take orders (although you’re welcome to call me at (610) 642-3040 to rest assured that I’m a real person!). This way I can pass my cost savings along to you. We both win!

100% No-Questions-Asked Better than Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee:

If you are not 100% satisfied, just let me know within 1 year for a full refund. And keep the e-book free, with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing. You keep the bonuses, too!

In other words, don’t decide right now if 101 More Jewelry Selling Techniques is for you… try it for 1 year — risk FREE! Have you ever heard of someone guaranteeing a book for a whole year? I do, because I’m confident you will sell more jewelry.

Let’s recap:

  • You get 101 jewelry selling tips … quick and easy-to-use techniques for selling more of your beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry.
  • You get a full word-for-word transcript of a jewelry-selling conference call where we covered a HUGE number of topics on how to sell handmade jewelry like yours, whether you’re a home-based jewelry business or in a retail location.
  • You get a 6-issue POWER PACK from Jewelry Selling Insights that contains top-level psychological insights on how and why people buy handcrafted jewelry from artisans like you!
  • You get an invitation to a FREE one-hour conference call! Previous calls have covered issues like pricing, creative block, legal issues and much more!
  • Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED and covered for ONE FULL YEAR!

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