pop-up shop, pop-up flyer, sell your art

pop-up shop, pop-up flyer, sell your artThere are a lot of option for selling your art. ETSY, Amazon’s new outlet Handmade at Amazon, art shows, and Pop-Up Shops!

Have you hosted a pop up shop or been to one?

What’s a Pop-Up?

Pop ups include food trucks, fashion trucks and trunk shows. They are a non-permanent establishment where you can sell your wares. To me this means pop-ups are for everyone! Anyone who has a good idea, products to sell, customers, and means for securing a location.

It also means these are great options for an even more “immediate ” shop and can be “open for business” during special local events. You can open a pop up and “open for business” from street corner to street corner during festivals, and even open while on vacation in your favorite city. The options seem endless.

Pop-ups are not a new concept. They are becoming more mainstream and more readily acceptable and understood. People know they are a “don’t wait or it will be over and you’ll miss it!” event.

I’d love to hear from you about your comments, ideas, and experiences with pop ups or other avenues you’ve ventured into.

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