An old saw in the sales business is “people buy from people they like.” And people like those who listen to them attentively. Great questions open people up, and here are five you can add to your repertoire:

1. “Tell me about that ____________ (pin, necklace, bracelet, etc.).” People wear jewelry so that others will notice it. And there’s almost always a story behind each piece. You can open up prospects by asking them to tell you about a piece they have on. Listen for the details so you can match their tastes to your jewelry.

2. “What’s your favorite color and why?” Okay, that’s actually two questions! It may seem like something you’d ask a blind date, but almost everyone has a favorite color and will gladly tell you what it is and why. That will help you select something that will delight them.

3. “What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?” Learning about someone’s favorite piece of jewelry tells you so much about them. Was it something they bought? Or a gift from someone else? An heirloom piece or something trivial? Listen for the feeling they have around it.

4. “Is there a piece of jewelry you loved but lost?” Many people have lost a piece of jewelry that was special to them. Tapping into what was so important about it can help you find something similar to it. It may also lead to commission work if you are able to re‐create it or something like it.

5. “Is there a piece you’ve always wanted?” Many people who enjoy jewelry have something in mind that they always wanted but haven’t yet purchased. Learn why! What is their fantasy piece of jewelry? Is it something you can create for them? If you do, you’ll have a customer for life.

What are some questions you ask your clients to get to know them better?

To selling more!