The most common advice I give jewelry makers is to charge more. That’s because so many of you are underpricing yourselves.

I know you may not feel you’re worth it. But consider this: People often associate the VALUE of something with its PRICE. They think a bottle of vodka should be better because it costs more. Even if in blind taste tests people couldn’t tell the difference between one the most expensive vodka and the least expensive one.

They believe that the most expensive toaster oven must be the best, even if Consumer Reports tests (I saw them) rated the least expensive toaster as the best. A fear jewelry makers often have is that if they raise their prices, sales will fall correspondingly.

But based on the association between quality and prices, many who do raise their prices report to me that sales went up. You don’t have to double your prices. Or even raise them significantly. But raise them a little to see what happens. And then raise them a little more. It might help sales,
not hurt them.

And you’re worth more, anyway.

Have you given this try? 

To selling more!