marketing, selling at shows, display, samples

From the Road

My son and I have been making soap for a few years now. We take our wares to a local church art show annually. We mix in amongst the jewelry maker, woodworker, ceramicist, and even my Mom, aunt and cousin who make the most beautiful handmade, wearable fiber designs. We do this for many reasons. One benefit is, it gives me the opportunity to test out some marketing ideas.

marketing, selling at shows, display, samples

This year, like last, I placed a few of our sugar scrubs into the ladies room, with a note on how to use them and where to find us at the show.

marketing, selling at shows, display, samples

This worked really well to bring people to our booth, and not only for sales. People came by to thank us, offer us feedback and learn more about who we are and what we do. Some did buy our scrubs, soaps and butter balms. As we engaged with customers, we found ourselves easily sharing our story. At the end of a few conversations, our engaged customers suggested we head to Shark Tank. What a compliment!

At the close of business, a few things are certain: we ran out of business cards (note to self – pack more!), we need to update and fill up our etsy shop (that’s the address on our business card and should be on our signs!), and we’re not heading into the Tank.

I can also offer the following marketing ideas and lessons learned.

  • Continue to find ways to offer a “taste” of what you do.
    • This year we had more samples at our table and displayed our soap so people could see the whole bar and smell it better.
  • Show different ways to use your products, if applicable.
  • Find a way to engage each customer.
  • Ask questions (we have a few new soaps to make for next time thanks to suggestions).
  • Be well educated on the products as people really want to know about them.
  • Share your story. 99% of the people really do want to know!
  • Putting out candy doesn’t hurt!

What marketing ideas did you learn from the road this season? Please share so we can all learn and grow our businesses.

Yours in creativity and marketing,