The other day I walked by a hair salon near my office that was vacant.

Not sure if they closed or moved.

I walked up to the door and saw something interesting on the sign. Can you tell what it is?

On the listing of hours, the first two words are “Closed.”

I thought that was interesting.

Why on Earth would you put Closed as the first two listings on your sign?

What kind of greeting is that?

Most people who regularly go to hair stylists know they are closed Sunday and Monday.

Even more strange is that the days are out of order on the sign.

The point is that sometimes, without realizing it, we can create barriers and obstacles to people buying from us.

Those include:

– Difficult to read price tags
– Bad signage
– Return policies that are unclear, unstated or bad for the customer
– Auto-reply messages that are vague or don’t copy the customer’s original e-mail
– No live person answering your phone
– Acting bored or uninterested at your booth

Check your own “signs” throughout your entire jewelry selling business to make sure you’re not leading with your chin.

Focus on when you’re open, not when you’re closed.

Focus on what’s best for customers.

You’ll never lose.