If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a hard-nosed, practical and common-sense person.

I’m also superstitious.
I don’t walk under ladders, open umbrellas inside or go out a different door than I came in.
And I think that a lot of jewelry marketing has an element to it that’s not exactly explained by observable phenomena.
For example, I often get sales after doing a marketing campaign, but not necessarily from the people I marketed to. How does that happen? I believe strongly that when you put your focus outward, you connect with people you weren’t necessarily targeting.
The message is broad and deep.
So, I recently removed some boxes and catalogs that were resting on top of pre-packed books and DVDs that I sell. What happened?
18 orders happened.
I believe that by covering up the products, I was creating a barrier to selling them.
And as soon as I removed those barriers, the products were ready to move off the shelves.
And they did.
Don’t cover up your jewelry. Don’t put your boxed jewelry in a closet.
Keep it somewhere easy to pick and pack.
If the world works the way I think it does, when you remove obstacles, your jewelry tends to take flight.
Now go make something great!