One of the most exciting times for me in business was the day I got my first order for a book I sold back in the mid-1980s. I was just out of college, and the check, for $14.95, was immediately copied, framed, and proudly posted on my wall.

There’s something fun about the value-for-value exchange that takes place when someone buys from you.

It’s so basic, but to me, it represents a magic moment — when someone takes their own money and gives it to you in exchange for something you have that they would like. Or might love.

I still get excited every time someone buys something from me, whether it’s consulting services, a book, a CD, or a subscription.

Is it still fun for you when someone buys your beautiful handmade jewelry? Do you think how cool it is that someone is giving you their hard-earned cash for that necklace you just made? Do you get a great feeling of satisfaction each time you deposit money into your bank account?

If you do, that’s great!

If not, focus as much as you can on the appreciation you have for that transaction. I read in a book once that “money goes where it’s treated well.”

When you truly value it, more of it comes your way.