Part of selling is the reality that someone may not be satisfied with the item they purchased, the way it was shipped, or policies that you have. Customer service IS strongly related to sales and marketing. Many people
will not buy from a vendor who did not handle their complaint well. On the other hand, they will often forgive a seller who treats them with respect. Here are five ways to handle customer complaints successfully:

1. Don’t get defensive! It is natural to fight back when you feel under attack. Count to 10 if you start to get angry at a complaining customer. It is essential to maintain your cool, especially if the customer is angry.

2. Make sure they get everything off their chest. Before responding, confirm that the customer has said everything that’s on her mind. You do not want her to think of things later that bothered her but which she
didn’t mention.

3. Confirm your understanding! Before you begin responding, make sure the customer agrees with your statement about what they are complaining about. Agreement forms the basis of moving on to a solution.

4. Ask what their solution is. A customer’s desired “make good” may be less than you would have offered them. Find out what they want before you tell them what you’re willing to offer. 

5. Put the resolution in writing. Once you have agreed on how the problem will be resolved, you should put that in writing so that it is clear to both sides what the satisfactory solution is. It may not be possible to satisfy everyone, but if you follow the steps above, the customer should feel well‐understood and treated fairly.

How have you handled an unsatisfied customer?

To selling more!