I wanted to tell you about something I do every month that has made a huge difference in my business, and in my life.

Once a month, I read something new to increase the amount I know about marketing, selling and success.

I’m not talking about learning superficial techniques.

I’m talking about reading or listening to seminars to learn core ideas, like:

  • What motivates people?
  • What makes them love a brand?
  • How do we find the passion to fuel the pursuit of our goals?
  • How do you identify and act in accord with your values, and how does that relate to business?
  • How do we form perceptions of a product, a service, or another person?

I usually take the books or CDs out of the library, or buy them slightly used on Amazon.com.

There’s no rhyme or reason to how I pick them. Sometimes I just scan the shelves to see what catches my eye that month. And sometimes I’ve read an article about someone or something that piqued my interest.

I have learned so much, and haven’t had to pay very much for the knowledge. The books or CDs that I like, I keep and share with others. The ones I don’t like, I re-sell on eBay or Amazon.

The more I’ve read or heard, the easier it has become to take in new information. I start seeing how concepts fit together, and the knowledge builds in a way that’s hard to describe, but feels awesome.

So, I hope you’ll be inspired to join me, and read something or listen to something about the field every month. And it doesn’t have to be about marketing, or selling or success. It could be about some aspect of the jewelry world. Maybe a book on gems. Or the history of a certain kind of jewelry.

But keep the information coming in.

It will pay you back in more good ways than you can imagine.

If you’ve read something recently that made a HUGE impact on your thinking and/or your direct success, post it as a comment!

Let us know what struck you most and how you have used that knowledge.

To selling more!