While visiting a local children’s toy store picking out something for my niece for her birthday, I noticed (and perhaps I am the last one to notice) that the toys for younger children were on lower shelves than the ones for older kids.

Why? Because toy retailers know that the way to entice their young customers is to put things at eye level. The older the child, the higher the eye level.

That same concept applies to selling your jewelry to your adult clients, too!

Many jewelry booths are laid out “flat” — meaning that the jewelry is laid out horizontally on the surface of the table.

If this is how you lay out your jewelry booth, consider that this requires your prospective customers to stand at the booth and bend their heads down to look at your jewelry. It’s an uncomfortable way to look at a product. This is particularly true if the tables are the typical height, sometimes no more than waist high.

At better department stores, the jewelry is displayed at eye level on racks and other displays that require the consumer to do almost nothing to view everything. Display cases are much higher than most show tables.

I realize that at a show, vertical displays invite theft as they potentially block your view of someone shopping (and perhaps taking their own “five finger discount”).

You will need to balance security with creating visual excitement at the booth.

Use displays that take up the minimum amount of space and create the maximum enticement at eye level for your prospects.

Many people, went shopping, take the path of least resistance. That may mean walking right by your booth if it takes too much effort to see what you’re selling.

When your jewelry sparkles and dazzles at eye level, your sales will follow the upward trend.