I got a hilarious letter from a bank in the mail yesterday.

It was an update on how proud they were about recently emerging from bad financial trouble and how thrilled they were to no longer needed government assistance.

The very LAST sentence in the letter was, “Finally, we want to thank our clients. We truly value you.”

If customers are so important to this bank, why did they mention them last?

One of my favorite aphorisms is “Actions speak louder than words.”

Not surprisingly, this bank has a horrendous reputation in the marketplace.

They are notorious for steam-rolling their customers, not treating them well.

So the position of the statement about customers accurately depicted where they truly place them:

At the bottom.

The take-home message is this — when you want to show customers you place them first, place them first in everything you do.

It makes a huge difference to them.

And it will make a huge difference to your business.