A common experience among jewelry makers is that friends and family are their most fervent fans. Paradoxically, those same folks are often overlooked as sources of leads, home parties, marketing
and more. 

Thankfully, great friends and savvy family members often decide to help out by marketing your jewelry for you by wearing it and telling others how much they love it. Many of you – due to modesty, not wanting to impose, and other reasons, have decided not to proactively ask members of your social circle to mention you to their friends and family. 

Are you comfortable doing that? If not, you should follow your instincts. But if you are comfortable asking friends and family to recommend you, how should you do it? The answer may be hiding in plain sight: Ask each person if they have ever mentioned your jewelry to someone else, and if so, how they did it. You might be surprised at how many already have. Learning what they said will give you terrific insights you can use to market yourself and to suggest how others can spread the word about one phenomenal jewelry maker: You.

To selling more!