According to my calendar, spring started two Saturdays ago.

And although it is still on the cool side here in the Northeast, bridal magazines are popping out like a spring buds will in a few weeks.

Handcrafted hairpieces for the bride and her bridesmaids are an excellent niche for jewelry makers. Gifts for bridesmaids are also a terrific opportunity to not only take advantage of seasonal selling, but to reach out to a market that is “ready to buy,” and to make some excellent new connections.

Check local newspapers and city lifestyle magazines for announcements about upcoming bridal shows, and to find other vendors who you might partner with during the wedding season.

Also, reach out to wedding planners and others attached to the wedding “business” to learn how interested they might be in having a custom supplier of wedding jewelry.

Close friends of mine used an artisan jeweler to make their wedding bands. Every time someone asks about these unusual bands, the couple tells the story of the artisan who made them. It’s a great way to spread your name through a special bond.

Go make something great!