When I was in college, I had a history class that included a section on what happens when a neighborhood or area becomes popular.

At first, a new hot area (Manayunk, in suburban Philadelphia comes to mind) gains more attention through word of mouth and media. Then more and more people come to the area. That chokes the streets with cars, stretches parking and trash collection to the max, and eventually ruins the once-popular locale. The very thing that made it popular becomes the cause of its demise, as well.

I’m wondering if social media has become the hot spot that is now so over-congested that — to paraphrase (and quote) the great marketing author Harry Beckwith — getting your message through the clutter is like “whispering into a hurricane.”

In the early days of the web, you visited websites that had what you wanted. Today, you create your own content and aggregate a collection of sites and blogs you like to read.

In our efforts to make our own voice heard, it seems like everyone is shouting. I’m waiting for the next big thing to come along, so that we can get our messages through again.

Your thoughts?