Lighting up Your Handmade Jewelry

Q: I have a specific question regarding lighting … I have looked online and I have done some searching on the web … so far, I am not finding what I am looking for … ‘a systematic solution to show table lighting for artisan jewelry’. Are you aware of a system that includes a compact design with flexibility for the individual who is creating the display? If so, would you please steer me in a direction ASAP…?

A: I have seen a solution that is working great for many artisans, and it will help lower your booth fees if your exhibiting at shows. Check out battery powered LED lights.

LED battery powered lamp ideal for showing off your  handmade jewelry

LED battery powered lamp

These compact solutions are easy to use, don’t take up much space in and around your booth, and they seriously pack a punch when it comes to highlighting your handmade jewelry. Many styles can also be found in a rechargeable format so you can charge the battery pack overnight between your show days.

There are tabletop as well as clamp on models. Styles range from sleek to professional to something you’d find in your own home so you will definitely find something that fits in with your jewelry and displays.

Not only will this type of lighting help show off your handmade jewelry really well to your customers (no matter the environment you are set up in), using this type of lighting will help eliminate the need for electricity in your booth. In some cases, this could save you $150 or more!

Do you have a lighting solution that is working for you and helps highlight your handmade jewelry in your displays? Have a question you’d like us to answer? Please leave a comment below – and thank you!