In the past, I revealed my private belief that there is a “cosmic” or mystical aspect to
business. I wrote that I have experienced that in two ways.

One is that when you start focusing on business, good things start to happen.

The other is that when you do good things for other people, the universe has a way of taking
care of you right back. 

I believe very strongly in the concept of charitable giving … of setting aside a portion of what I
receive through revenue to be donated to worthy causes or individuals in need. I do this
because I see it as somewhat of a moral imperative … that helping take care of the other human
beings on the planet is a worthy goal.

Suze Orman, the personal finance guru, bestselling author and television host has discussed
the importance of giving. And she claims that there’s not only a spiritual benefit to be had by
giving to others, but also that there seems to be a cosmic “repayment” to those who give. In
other words, when you give to others, the universe has a way of paying you back, enabling you
to continue to give.

In fact, she says that she has studied the income growth of her clients, and that those who give
to charitable causes have a faster rate of financial growth than those who don’t. Of course, there
may be an “x factor” at work that explains the difference as being due to other causes, but if
there is, she doesn’t mention it.

The implications for you as a jewelry maker are the same as they are for anyone else in
business. If you are giving to charitable causes now, good for you! If you’re not, consider
whether or not you can afford to give away even a small portion of what you make from selling
jewelry. I know from my contact with so many jewelry makers that most of you are not driving
around in Jaguar convertibles drinking lattes from Starbucks on your way to shop for shoes at
Neiman-Marcus. But even if you’re not making a lot from your jewelry making venture, I hope
that the advice and strategies in this newsletter will help you start making more, and that you’ll
contribute to others.

Another way of giving regularly is to offer a line of jewelry that you will sell specifically with the
idea of giving a portion of the revenue or profit to a specific charitable cause.

A perfect example of this concept in the jewelry making world is Lisa Lehmann’s wonderful
company, StudioJewel ( Lehmann’s faith-driven passion for causes
like breast cancer awareness, world peace and hunger on the African continent inspire her to
design what she calls “jewelry with a purpose.”

From her studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lehmann, President and Director of Design of
StudioJewel, creates bracelets, necklaces and earrings with intricate designs that catch the eye
and stir the soul.

I had a chance to ask Lisa about her jewelry, and her focus on giving. “We want to make an
impact, to be intentional in what we do,” she said. “If we can provide comfort to someone
suffering with breast cancer or colon cancer or heart disease by showing our support and giving
to organizations that are researching a cure, then we have made a difference. If we can show
our support by giving to those suffering because of nature’s fury in a hurricane, then we have
made a difference.”

And, Lisa says, the satisfaction of contributing to others is greater than any financial gain. “To
me it is the people that make the difference,” she said. “When I have been brought into people’s
lives because they are suffering, grieving or celebrating I feel so incredibly blessed. However
insignificant a piece of jewelry may be…that is where I am gifted and this is the way I know how
to use that giftedness.”

I hope you’ll check out Lisa’s website, and follow her inspiring example.