17 Free Ways to Market Handcrafted Jewelry

There’s a fudge shop in Stone Harbor, NJ where one of the employees stands outside with a big plate from which she hands out tiny pieces of fudge as free samples.

The samples are quite literally the size of a piece of a diced tomato, but people swarm to the plate like bees to honey.

Although many businesses have a “free sample” option, jewelry, well, not so much.

You’re unlikely to have a mini-bracelet to hand out to whomever wants one, so consider the kinds of things you can give away.

For example, if there’s a box of beads (I know, people who work with beads typically have way more than one box) think of a clever way of attaching them to your card, or have a separate card/promotion that you attach to the bead.

Even a little note that imparts a magical quality to that bead might be something people hold on to and remember you by. (I have on my desk a bead on a string someone gave me as a gift many years ago … the bead itself may be worth pennies, but the gesture has great value and I still remember the moment they gave it to me.)

Want to really surprise someone? Give a gift of your jewelry to a top prospect for a birthday or special event/achievement you’re aware of. Or for no reason at all, other than you know it would delight them.

Give the gift in person and watch the surprise and delight on their faces. What’s it worth? It’s priceless.

In a world where many people feel like things are going away from them, you can reverse the direction of that flow. And it matters.

Whatever you choose to do, providing even a little something at your booth or show is consistent with the persuasion principle called “reciprocity” and creates a sense in the prospective customer they would like to do something in return. Like buy from you.

I’m not talking about doing this in a manipulative way, either. I’m talking about the joy and gratitude you can express for others by simply giving something away with no expectation in return. Putting something nice out there in the universe. It always comes back.

Now go make something great!