This blog is read by people all over the world, and that means that wherever you are, the economy may be doing well, fair, or not so hot.

How much should that affect how you sell your handmade jewelry?
Not at all.
Because people don’t need jewelry. They buy it because they want it.
I know people who have no idea how much jewelry they have. But they keep buying it. And you know people like that, too.
Think about that for a moment.
There’s no such thing as having “enough” jewelry.
Isn’t that amazing?
I can’t think of a single other category of goods you can say the same thing about.
And that puts jewelry makers like you in a terrific position.
Because people keep buying jewelry no matter what is going on in the economy around them.
So focus on your own economy.
Keep marketing.
Keep talking up your work.
Keep updating your website.
Keep creating.
Your fortunes start with you.