The late great copywriting genius Gary Halbert recommended offering a guarantee as long as you possibly could. I think handcrafted jewelry makers should follow that advice.

His reasoning was that people decide whether or not to return something at the time of purchase.

So, if you offer a 30-day return policy, they have it in mind to return it in 30 days.

If you offer a 6-month return option, however, they will most likely forget to return it. Even better, it indicates your confidence that they will LOVE the item.

Want to reduce the possibility of returns even more? Do what I do: Offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee, with no questions asked.

The results?

I get almost no return requests. This goes against common thinking, because handcrafted jewelry makers worry that if they offer a long satisfaction guarantee period that it means people WILL return an item.

The opposite is true.

Anything you can do to “reverse the risk” of buying from you is important.

Long guarantees reverse the risk, make the buyer more comfortable, show your confidence and should result in more sales for you.