I originally sent this as a letter to my mailing list. The response was overwhelming (I had a huge number of replies) so I thought I’d post it here.

I’ve been involved in the marketing field for almost 30 years, and in that
time I’ve seen amazing things I call “psychic” marketing. Things that
defy rational explanation, but which are powerful nevertheless.

For example, my friend Sherry runs a wholesale bakery. She said the
other day she brought sample strawberry cheesecakes with her on a
delivery run. It’s something she should do, but hadn’t in a while.

She took them into restaurants who were not clients and gave samples
to chefs and managers. She said she got no orders from handing out
the samples, but three clients she hadn’t heard from in a while suddenly
reappeared and placed orders. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Another colleague emptied out an overstuffed file drawer packed with
folders from former clients. There was no room for new ones. The next
day, he received a call from an existing client for a new project that
would more than double his prior revenue from them. He created space
for new work to come in, and it did. Coincidence? I don’t’ think so.

My belief is that your intention and efforts at marketing your jewelry
are a strong signal to the world of prospects and clients. You may not
get responses directly from recipients, or even right away. But pay
attention to what happens when you focus your attention on the
outside world. People will start paying attention back, even if they
weren’t the subject of your marketing “gaze.”

Here’s one more example — my own. The other day, I noticed I had
very few products pre-packaged and ready to ship. I was also running
out of my favorite white mailing box. My lack of preparedness was —
to me — preventing me from receiving orders, because it wouldn’t be
easy to process and mail them.

So, I called my box supplier and ordered a hundred more boxes, even
though I didn’t have many orders. Once they arrived, something weird
happened: I received more orders in one week than I normally would in
two months. I went through almost all the new boxes I had ordered. I
believe that my marketing efforts — combined with preparing myself to
receive and process orders — was critical to receiving them.

The take-home message: If you’re not focusing on marketing your
jewelry, you may be sending a message to the outside world that you’re
not ready to sell it. If you don’t have pieces ready to go, you may be
sending the world a message that you can’t fulfill orders. If you have
the jewelry but aren’t well-prepared to ship it, you may be sending the
world a message that you can’t deliver what you have.

Remove any obstacles between you and your prospective customers.

Because when you reach out to others and show them beautiful jewelry
you can easily deliver, your message will be received and orders will
flow your way.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Now go make something great!