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New Business Cards Tips

Business cards are essential, even in this digital age! Business cards are a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool. When you’re designing your marketing materials, you want them to be tailor-made and consistent with your industry, business, and personal style. 1. Size: Business card designs are all over the map on size and shape. As a […]


email auto-reply

I wrote to a jewelry maker the other day and got their automatic out-of-office reply. Here is what it said: “Thank you for your email! We are currently out of the office but will reply within 24 hours.” No signature or phone number. It was brief and to the point. Although it was somewhat informative, there […]


Too Smart is Dumb

When I’m doing seminars, I often ask each participant to say — in one sentence – what they do. And it is amazing how many people cannot do this. Particularly people in technical fields – such as software companies, for example – often have trouble saying what they do in simple terms that make it easy for […]