Every once in a while, I go to the website of one of my
And I buy something. 
Some people think that’s crazy. I think it’s market research!
There is no better way to see how one of your competitors treats their customers than by buying something from them.

And if you haven’t done that lately or at all, I highly recommend it. You might even consider booking it as an advertising/marketing expense because it’s in the service of marketing research.

You will learn how easy (or hard) their payment system is. You will learn how they follow up with customers after a purchase. You will see how well (or not) they package and ship your item. And you will know firsthand how it feels to get one of their items.

Did they include a hand-written note? A jewelry cleaning cloth? Easy instructions for returning the item if necessary? You might even get some ideas from the experience on how to improve your own ordering, delivery and follow-up process.

When you think about it, buying from the competition doesn’t seem so crazy, after all.

Now go make something great!